Zilactin Vs Abreva

Cold sore is indeed annoying. The stealthy disease often infects people without their aware, and only declare its existence once it has reached its second infection stage, which can be triggered by various things, including cold weather, excessive exposure to sunlight, stress, fatigue, and weakened immune system. Not only causing pain and inconvenience, but cold sore also destroys our confidence to meet people, since it develops on the skin around our mouth. What a troublesome disturbance, eh? Thankfully, there are many cold sore treatments available over the counter already, but you should be aware that not every product is effective for treating such seasonal disease. On this article, we will cover a comparison between Zilactin-B and Abreva, two trending treatments for cold sore. Have a look : Orajel Vs Abreva.

The first noticeable difference between Zilactin-B and Abreva is, obviously, the price! Zilactin-B is way cheaper than Abreva. Zilactin-B also contains more gel than Abreva. Even more, Zilactin-B claims to be able to provide immediate relief that lasts up to six hours long. Meanwhile, Abreva is said to reduce the pain and shorten the duration of the symptoms. So, is Zilactin-B a better product than Abreva?

Wait a sec, buddy! Let us take a look at their ingredients. Zilactin-B uses Benzocaine, which is basically just a local anesthetic. Thus, it indeed reduces the pain. It also contains a combination of substances that is said as bioadhesive that promotes healing. However, it is mostly beneficial for canker. For mouth sore, it reduces the discomfort, but the issues will return once its effect disappears, and it does not address the cause of the symptoms. Meanwhile, Abreva utilizes Docosanol, which is known to prevent the virus from infecting new cells. Thus, Abreva is not only able to reduce the pain, but also decrease the chance of the cold sores spreading and quicken healing time.

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