Trojan ENZ Vs Ultra Thin

Sex is a part of human need, but doing it is pretty risky. Aside from unwanted pregnancy, the chance of being transmitted with illness is pretty terrifying. These reason is why condoms was made. If you are seeking protection while still able to enjoy the intimate feeling you and your partner are going to have, then you should read this article, we will give you information about two kind of Trojan famous condoms, which are Trojan ENZ and Ultra Thin.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Trojan ENZ and Trojan Ultra Thin
– How Trojan ENZ and Ultra Thin is different
– Trojan ENZ vs Ultra Thin

About Trojan Condoms
Trojan condoms are manufactured by a company named Church and Dwight. This brand is very famous in the U.S. A survey has been done in 2006 resulting that 69% condoms that purchased in the United States is from Trojan. The Trojan condoms was first manufactured in 1916 by Merle Leland Youngs, through his company Fay and Youngs. The company then change its name into Youngs Rubber Corporation in 1919. They named their condoms Trojan in reference of Trojan helmet, which the product physically resemble.

The first Trojan latex-based condoms are manufactured in 1930. The material was used because it was cheaper than rubber and still has the strength similar to rubber, so it can still provide the protection against pregnancy and disease. This material changes also affect it shelf life to five years compare to when using rubber , which only three months. See variant of Trojan in here.

About Trojan ENZ
Trojan ENZ is the classic condoms from Trojan brand. Taken from their website, the company claims that Trojan ENZ is made to have silky smooth texture in an attempt to make the wearer and their partner feels comfortable and also enhance the sensitivity. Similar with many other condoms Trojan ENZ also comes with special reservoir for extra safety. The Trojan ENZ is made from premium quality latex to help the users reduce the risk of pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Illness. Before the condoms were packed and distributed, the company ensure that each condom is electronically tested to make sure that their products meets the U.S standard.

Trojan ENZ is the average Trojan condoms. They have the average length, average form and shape, and also not featured with additional features. Trojan ENZ is a great option if you are in a pinch and not sure which type of condoms you want or just to keep safe. Trojan ENZ comes with a water-based lube and you can feel it even before you open the package that this lube has a jelly-like water based. Water-based lube is known to not able to last long, they are absorbed quickly and it is not very slick, so it is better to keep an additional lube, just in case you need it.

Trojan ENZ have the average size, so it might be pretty tight for “larger guy”. The measurement of Trojan ENZ is 7.5” x 2”, if you have a bigger penis, this is certainly not for you. But if you have smaller build or pretty skinny and more in the longer side, we think that this might be suitable for you. In the smell side, Trojan ENZ do have some unpleasant smell, but you don’t have to worry, the smell is not strong enough to ruin your mood. The smell won’t stick to your hands like some other brands, but just as you expect this condoms is not suitable for oral sex.

The best thing about Trojan ENZ is their texture. They are really soft, many people said that it has the same sensation with Lifestyle SKYN, you can read our article on Trojan Bareskinvs Lifestyles SKYN here.

About Trojan Ultra Thin
Trojan Ultra Thin is one of various condoms under Trojan name that was designed for a more natural feeling. Trojan claims that Ultra Thin are made from latex but has less latex odor that usually make people uncomfortable. Ultra Thin is just like its name it is made to be thinner than standard Trojan latex condoms. Similar to many condoms out there, Trojan Ultra Thin also have special reservoir for extra safety. Trojan claims that Ultra Thin was made from premium quality latex so it can perform better in reducing the risk of pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Illness. The condom also electronically tested to help ensure its reliability.

When wearing this condoms you will experienced a close bareback as Trojan can get. This condom is designed to make it a thin fitting condoms. Ultra Thin provides you with pleasure while minimizing the chance of pregnancy and STIs. This condoms also comes with premium lubricant to enhance pleasure and sensitivity. The measurements of Trojan Ultra Thin is 2.08” in width and 7.59” in length.

Trojan ENZ Vs Ultra Thin

NameTrojan ENZTrojan Ultra Thin
Key Features– Made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk – Contains a silky-smooth, premium lubricant for comfort and sensitivity – Features a classic design with a special reservoir tip that provides extra safety– Thinner than standard Trojan latex condoms for a more natural feeling – Made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk – Contains a premium lubricant for comfort and sensitivity
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As it have said above Trojan ENZ and Trojan Ultra Thin is made with different measurements and was designed to suit different taste. Trojan ENZ is the most standard condoms Trojan have, and it only cover its basic purpose as a protection. While in the other hand Trojan Ultra Thin is made very thin to let you have the closest experience with your partner while still being protected from pregnancy and STIs. If you need a better pleasure and experience we highly recommend you the Trojan Ultra Thin condoms.

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