Merkur 34C Vs 38C

There are some men who prefer to use a double-edged razor instead of a cartridge razor. This is because double-edged razors, sometimes also called DE razors or safety razors, have that sure grip feel that gives you the confidence as you run the sharp edge down the skin. These razors also have that manly aura that any man seeks from a men’s grooming tool. Now, Merkur 34C and Merkur 38C are two double-edged razors very popular on the market. The two are available around similar prices. Which one should you choose?

The Handle Length
Merkur 34C and Merkur 38C each come with a chrome-plated solid brass core. With those materials, they both ensure that they have long-term durability and usability. They materials are safe for the skin and offering excellent ruggedness. Of course, they resist rust and corrosion for years. Their heads are also identical. The heads are angled similarly to provide a close cut and the best shaving performance. The heads run smoothly following the curves of your jaw.

Despite the similarities, the two safety razors have indeed been designed quite differently from each other. If you put them side by side, you can immediately tell a distinction: the length of the handlebar. Merkur 34C comes with an extra-thick handlebar that is also sophisticatedly textured to provide a strong and solid grip. On the other hand, Merkur 38C comes with a long solid handlebar. Compared to Merkur 34C, its handlebar is indeed a little bit slimmer and thinner, but also much longer. Thus, if you have a large hand or if you are not used to a short handlebar, Merkur 38C makes an excellent choice.

The Weight
The next crucial difference between these two double-edged razors is the weight. Why is the weight of a double-edged razor so important? This is because, unlike using other razors, you run a double-edged razor down without applying pressure to your skin. Instead, you rely only on the weight of the razor to give you a close cut without causing any scar to your skin. Merkur 38C is quite significantly heavier than Merkur 34C, making it much more aggressive. It can give you a closer cut.

Merkur 34C Vs 38C

NameMerkur 34CMerkur 38C
Key Features– Extra thick handle – Reliable grip – Made in Germany– Double Edge Safety Razor – Stainless Steel – Imported From Germany
Ratings*4.8 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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If you prefer a shorter and lighter razor, then you should choose Merkur 34C. However, most people will generally feel more comfortable using a heavy double-edged razor; in which case, then Merkur 38C makes the way to go.

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