Iluminage Touch Vs Precise Touch

Iluminage Touch is indeed more expensive than Iluminage Precise Touch. Its price is almost equal to the double of Iluminage Precise Touch’s price. However, these two models are made by the same manufacturer, and they are essentially made to perform the same function. Because of this, a lot of people are often left wondering what are the differences between Iluminage Touch and Iluminage Precise Touch, which one holds the better value for our money, and thus which one that we should choose. Are you having the same questions right now? Put your worries aside because we will compare the two models here in order to see which model will fulfil your needs the best.

Both Iluminage Touch and Iluminage Precise Touch are basically permanent hair reduction systems. They function primarily to stop the growth of hair on the treated area. Iluminage Touch and Iluminage Precise Touch achieve such result by using electromagnetic waves, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Radio Frequency (RF), to deactivate the hair follicles under your skin. Also, both models claim to be able to deliver a positive result, about 94% of hair reduction on the treated area, within seven usage sessions. As you only use the device once a week, this means that you can achieve the result within at least seven weeks. The ways to use these two models are quite similar. Have a look: Iluminage Touch Vs Me My Elos.

However, if we look at the two products, we will certainly tell that Iluminage Precise Touch is more compact. It is smaller overall, and lighter in weight as well. Because of that, Iluminage Precise Touch is much easier and more practical to be used. It is also quite portable. However, it only performs as a hair reduction system. The bulkier Iluminage Touch is given more features. Iluminage Touch even comes with an epilator accessory so that you can prepare your skin with the same device before doing the hair reduction treatment. If you want an all-in-one tool, Iluminage Touch is certainly a very viable choice.

Iluminage Touch Vs Precise Touch

NameIluminage TouchIluminage Precise Touch
Key Features– The first and only at-home permanent hair reduction technology clinically proven for all skin tones and the widest range of hair colors. – Clinically tested. Proven, lasting results for permanent hair reduction.– For permanent hair reduction, from all skin tones and widest range of hair colors. – Effective. Precise. Compact
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Iluminage Touch is given more functionalities, but the price increment can be too significant. Thus, Iluminage Precise Touch is the best option here if you want to get the fullest value out of your money. You can prepare your skin manually before doing the treatment.

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