Versa Gripps PRO Vs FIT Review

If you are looking for premium Weight Lifting Straps Hooks, you should pick Versa Gripps as best choice available on the marketplace. There are several types of Versa Gripps, including the PRO dan FIT. On this post, we are going to review each and compare both versions so you can pick the right one. Just keep on reading, get the answer and buy it on best discounted prices below.

Versa Gripps Review
Versa Gripps built to prevent you from injuries. This is an excellent choice to utilize because it is designed to be flexible and durable compared to your regular lifting straps, also provide you with the ability to eliminate grip exhaustion by incorporating a strap that is used for wrapping around the bar or dumbbells.

The grip material stays durable while maintaining the highest grip throughout the life of the product. Scientifically designed without bulk specifically to allow the athlete to feel a connection with the weight. New built-in Arch Support offers carpal tunnel protection. Innovative Wrist Support ergonomically developed to promote circulation to the hands while eliminating nerve damage. Designed to mold comfortably around the bar while protecting hands from calluses. Heavy duty steel buckle on the wrist strap Hypo-allergenic, Anti-bacterial & Anti-microbial patent.

Versa Gripps PRO Vs Fit

NameVersa Gripps PROVersa Gripps FIT
Key Features– Extended Grip Length allows more of the grip to wrap around the bar for maximum hold, security and protection. Quick Release Feature makes it safe & easy to release the weight bar during your fitness regimen.– Shorter & tapered grip portion designed to perfectly fit a smaller hand with a customized feel.
Ratings*4.7 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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The price distinction between both gloves is only about $2-3 (PRO is more expensive), which means you are free to select one without considering a lot about budget. The PRO is made with a special extended grip-length for optimum performance. This feature allows more of the grip to be wrapped around the bar for a stronger hold & added security. On the other side, The FIT is designed to perfectly fit a smaller hand with a customized feel. Both are very great and should be bought based on personal needs.

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