Trojan Thintensity Vs Trojan Ultra Thin

We are sure you already familiar with the Trojan brand, they are the most famous condoms brand in the United States, they also has various types of condoms made for specific purposes beside the main intention to protect you and your partner. For you who wish for intimate feeling but still want to play safe, we are going to compare two thin Trojan condoms, which are Trojan Thintensity and Trojan Ultra Thin.

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– Trojan Thintensity vs Trojan Ultra Thin

About Trojan Thintensity
Trojan Thintensity is one among many condoms Trojan has. The company claims that the condoms are made 25% thinner than the common condoms made by Trojan. Thus it can give more natural feeling for both of you and your partner. The condom also has a comfort fit, it has a slightly longer and slightly larger at the close end of the condom. Trojan Thintensity is packed with lubricant inside the package to provide comfort and more sensitivity to you. Even though this is a latex condom that known for its strong smell, Trojan claims that this condom has lesser latex smell. Similar to many condoms out there Trojan Thintensity has a special reservoir for extra safety. The condom itself was made from premium quality latex to help you avoid pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Illness. To ensure you that the condoms are met their requirements, all of them are electronically tested.

Trojan Thintensity Features
If you are looking at their site, the Trojan Thintensity is belong to the thin type of condoms along with regular Trojan Ultra Thin, Ultra Thin Spermicidal, Magnum BareSkin, and Magnum Thin. This condom is receiving many good review from its users, because of its thin material, the sensitivity is also enhanced. It will give you a natural feeling of your partner body warmth, giving it similar feeling as you are not wearing any protection. However some people said that the reservoir is a bit too big to give the wearer a natural feeling of ejaculation. Some people also stated that the water based lubricant can dried up pretty easily, so just in case you should prepare extra lubrication. The most common complaints about Trojan Thintensity is it only came in 12 pack, many people think there should have been the 36 pack. Other than that this condom also has lesser latex smell, so if you are into oral sex, this condom will do you good.

About Trojan Ultra Thin
Trojan Ultra Thin is also one type of condom among various type of condoms they produced. The Ultra Thin is made thinner than regular condoms by Trojan. The company claims that this condom doesn’t have a strong latex smell like the common latex condom out there. Similar to many condoms out there Trojan Ultra Thin are made with special reservoir for extra safety. The company stated that the condom are made with premium latex to help you reducing the risk of pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Illness. To make sure all of their condoms are met the requirements, all of their condoms are electronically tested to help you ensure reliability. The Trojan Ultra Thin is available in 3 count package, 12 count package, and 36 count package.

Trojan Ultra Thin Features
The complete measurements of Trojan Ultra Thin are 8” or 203.2mm in length, 2” or 50.8mm in width, 1.27” or 32.26mm in diameter, and 4” or 101.6mm in circumference. The type of lubricant that comes in the package is water based lubricant. Because water based lubricants are known for it’s easy to absorb and dried quickly, we recommend you to use extra lubricant for maximum comfort and sensitivity. If you are interested on other Trojan condoms, you can check our previous article here.

This condom has many good reviews from its users, almost all of them said that the thin material of this condom feel comfortable and the strength is dependable. There are no breakage even when doing some rough sex, but of course they used extra lubricant. The thin material will give you the extra sensitivity and intimate feeling for both of you and your partner. Many people said that they can feel their partner body warmth when wearing Trojan Ultra Thin and have a similar experience as to not wearing anything at all.

Trojan Thintensity Vs Trojan Ultra Thin

NameTrojan ThintensityTrojan Ultra Thin
Key Features– Over 25% Thinner Than Standard Condoms – Designed for a more natural feeling – Comfort Fit – Slightly longer and slightly larger at the closed end – UltraSmooth™ Premium Lubricant – For comfort and sensitivity– Thinner than standard Trojan latex condoms for a more natural feeling – Made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk – Contains a premium lubricant for comfort and sensitivity
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Both of the Trojan Thintensity and Ultra Thin are both among the thin line of Trojan condom. As you already know, people are wearing thin condoms to mimics the natural feeling of skin meeting skin in unprotected sex, this experience is being offer by Trojan through their Thin line. Having unprotected sex is risky, you will never knew when you are going to accidently transmitted with some illness or unwanted pregnancy. If you are looking for condoms that can provide you with the similar feeling of unprotected sex, we will recommend you the Trojan Thintensity, since it is 25% thinner than the average condoms made by Trojan and it has extra head room for maximum comfort and intimate feeling.

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