Tiger Balm Red vs White

There are times when our body are sores due to everyday activities or from your latest exercise. While these pain are mostly harmless, they can be very annoying when you still have much to do. To help you relieve some of those muscle pain, Tiger Balm Red vs White can be a nice solution to go for the moment. If you also plan to use these balms, go check our article below to see if there is any difference between them.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Pain Reliever Ointment
– What are Tiger Balm Red and White
– What are the Available Solution besides Tiger Balm Red and White
– What Tiger Balm Red and White are made of
– What Tiger Balm Red and White can offer to you
– Tiger Balm Red vs White

Pain Reliever Ointment
Topical medication has been around for so long as we can remember and probably even longer. It is a nice substitute for oral medication for those who are not allowed to consume other medications during a period of time but of course, it is only for those problems that happens near the skin or on the surface where the formulation can reach its core problem. Depend on the problem itself, topical medication are not always going to handle the underlying issue.

One problem that often ask for topical medication is muscle soreness and similar pain which is happening near the skin or joint pain. For this type of pain, there are many people choosing to use pain relief cream, gel or ointment on the addressed skin to help subside the uncomfortable feeling by introducing a new sensation. Some of these solutions does a great jobs to help us being active throughout the day but not all of them are going to work the same.

Among those many topical pain relievers, the most popular is probably ointment or balm type because this type of solution probably has been around for the longest. What separate ointment from the more modern cream or gel solution is the texture itself because as you may already know, as opposed to the other two that has more watery consistency, this one is semi-solid so they will be fine when you accidentally knock the bottle or jar for there will be no leakage. Read also: Thermacare vs Icy Hot here.

The prominent property of ointment is greasy because it is made mostly with oil and has a high viscosity. It is applied on the surface of an area with included active ingredients to handle the kind of issue you have and as for pain relief ointment, they are going to deliver the same feeling on your skin which is hot and cold. Because of the oil, it is very moisturizing on skin but some people may not liking it due to the greasy feeling and harder application for the thick consistency.

About Tiger Balm Red and White
When talking about pain reliever ointment, the one that comes to our mind most of time probably Tiger Balm because this name is very popular especially in the Asian community and actually used by a wide range of users as well as an over the counter reliever where you can find in many houses or probably yours have one as well. This balm is an old brand so our parents may already familiar with them and while they are a traditional remedies, many of us still relying on them today.

Tiger Balm history is as long as you may imagined because taken from SCMP it all start in 1860 when Aw Chu Kin who is the son of an herbalist goes to Burmese city to join his uncle. He then traveled to Singapore and Penang in Malaya where he made more by selling herbal remedies to dock workers than he did in a month where he was born. In 1870, he made it to Rangoon where he set up an apothecary called the Hall of Eternal Peace and had 3 sons.

His son names are translated into Gentle Dragon, Gentle Tiger and Gentle Leopard. The first died in young age followed by his father who left the business to his two sons. Working hand in hand, they delved into their father’s recipes and adapted them to make an analgesic balm to treat any manner of ills then called as Tiger Balm after one of their name. Their product then gain much popularity mainly from the world’s Chinese communities. One of them is working on the influence while the other is working on managing business.

The brand were so big at that time but they meet a struggle moment when the brothers died and then the company fallen into British Conglomerate who unfortunately also faced a struggle due to banking crisis. In 1981, Singaporean banker named Dr Wee Cho Yaw gained control over the company and took back Tiger Balm that has been franchised out for 20 years during the former period. To gain back the market they lost, Tiger Balm began to attract new generation of users by expanding the products line.

Tiger Balm Red and White Variants
We are sure most of us are already familiar with the balm and the one we often see is the white balm which is the regular version of the solution while the other version is red balm which just like the color is meant for those who want an extra strength and kick. Beside these two solution, Tiger Balm has more to offer especially for those who want more modern pain reliever such as muscle spray, patches, arthritis rub, neck and shoulder rub as well as other similar products.

Tiger Balm Red and White Ingredients
The difference between these products are mainly in the consistency and ingredients which in the end will deliver a different result as well depend on your preference. As for the Red Tiger Balm, this ointment is made from 25% camphor, 10% menthol, 7% cajuput oil, 6% dementholised mint oil, 5% clove oil, and 5% cassia while at the other hand, White Tiger Balm is made from 25% camphor, 8% menthol, 13.7% eucalyptus oil, and 1.43% clove oil. In addition, to tie together these ingredients, paraffin oil is added.

Unlike some other brands who are using artificial ingredient, the first thing we love from Tiger Balm is they are using real natural ingredient and the first of them all is camphor oil which is extracted from the wood of camphor trees then processed by steam distillation. This ingredient is very beneficial as a topical solution because it is known to help healing skin irritations and itchiness as well as overall skin appearance yet also dealing with burns.

When applied topically, it generates hot and cold feeling because the new sensation help distracting you from the real pain. Menthol is also a common ingredient in topical pain reliever and it is working in a similar method like Camphor because it gives you a hot and cold feeling on skin or working as a counterirritants. As for Clover oil, this essential oil is popular known with its anti-arthritic effect thanks to the eugenol which is effective to reduce the migration of leukocytes to the joints.

In the end, it can help you reduce the inflammation and swelling that is backed by studies so we can trust the real benefit from this ingredient. The next ingredient is Cassia oil and if you are unfamiliar with this one, it is actually very similar to Ceylon cinnamon and included in the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. This oil is known to help arthritis like swelling and pain in the joints due to the anti-inflammatory properties.

There is a compound in Cassia oil called cinnamaldehyde which is not only inhibited inflammatory mediators but will also act as anti-inflammatory mediators that has been related to almost every health condition so not only arthritis, it can impact all bodily functions and systems. In addition to this benefit, the oil is even beneficial to repel mosquitos so it can protect you from them when staying outside. The last ingredient is eucalyptus oil that has been long believed to be beneficial for several type of application.

Eucalyptus oil has a number of anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties while also helpful to improve circulation. There is a research in 2013 that evaluated the effects of the oil aromatherapy on pain management yet not as topical solution. It is showed that inhaling the oil can significantly lower inflammation, pain, and blood pressure.
There are so many similar ingredients between the two versions but there are few different ingredients as well and while they are similar, the amount of ingredients are not the same in which the Red version will deliver a hotter effect compared to the regular white version.

Now, let’s compare Tiger Balm Red and White. As you may already know, the difference between them in on the ingredients, amount and effect or level of heat. The Red balm have more clove and menthol so it is hotter when applied in skin unlike the White version which is milder in comparison. Red balm also has Cajuput and Cassia oil while White balm has Eucalyptus oil.

Tiger Balm Red vs White

- Original Red Tiger Healing balm is warm variation of classic Tiger Balm.
- It is produced according to a secret formula from 19th century from various oils extracted from wild herbs.
- Balm provides fast and effective relief from rheumatism, joint pain, muscle aches and pains of another nature, sprains and flatulence, swelling, insect bites, itching etc.
- Alternative Pain Relief
- Mosquito bites: to relieve the itch
- Stomachache: Rub on stomach to relieve upset stomach

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different need and preference so it is best to suit them based on your personal experience. However, if we are to choose, we will recommend you to pick the Red balm because it is hotter and work faster or better if you are already used to the regular version or feeling like the regular ointment is not strong enough.

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