Sportscreme Vs Aspercreme

Both Sportscreme and Aspercreme are rubbing creams designed for pain relief. Both aim to deliver fast and immediate effects so that you can recover quickly and return to action. Indeed, the names of these two products sound similar. However, they use different ingredients. As a result, they have very different approaches on how they provide the pain relief effects. Continue reading below to see how Sportscreme vs Aspercreme differ from each other.

About Sportscreme
Sportscreme is a rubbing cream for pain relief designed for sports players. It aims to deliver fast pain relief to minor aches and pains so that you can return quickly to the field. It has a no-odor formula, so there is no need to worry about getting some funny smell that may distract your attention from the game.

The active ingredient in Sportscreme is trolamine salicylate 10%. Unlike traditional counterirritants, which produce strong odors, trolamine salicylate is actually an anti-inflammatory agent that is odorless. The salicylate is similar to aspirin in its chemical properties. The anti-inflammatory effect is great because it actually addresses the source of the pain instead of simply altering your nerves from the actual pain. It is quite fast and effective in delivering pain relief on minor aches and pains. Still, in some cases, the pain relief is only temporary and not permanent. In other words, do not push yourself too much if you don’t want to injure yourself.

The salicylate in Sportscreme may interact with other medications, most particularly blood thinners. So, avoid this product if you are on a blood thinner. If you have taken a medication that may interact with aspirin or if you are sensitive to aspirin, you should consult the doctor before using Sportscreme.

About Aspercreme
The difference between Sportscreme vs Aspercreme is the main ingredient. Although Aspercreme is not specifically designed for sports players, it is also designed for immediate pain relief. However, this treatment is more for temporary pain relief instead of addressing the source of the pain.

The main ingredient in Aspercreme is lidocaineHCl 4% – that is the maximum strength allowed for over-the-counter lidocaine treatments. This substance is actually an anesthetic agent which causes no irritation or burning.

As an anesthetic agent, the lidocaine content in Aspercreme targets and numbs the pain receptors under the skin. It “mutes” the pain signals so that you won’t feel pain any longer. No wonder that it can deliver the effects very quickly.

However, be careful when using Aspercreme because, if used inappropriately, lidocaine may cause serious side effects such as irregular heartbeat and low blood pressure. In addition, you should not use it in combination with cold compresses or heat packs. This is because Aspercreme essentially numbs the area. It diminishes your sense of cold and hot, and that may lead to accidental burns or skin damage.

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