Neocutis Vs SkinMedica

When it comes to dermatology and skincare, the debate that rages on can more or less be summed up as “NeoCutis vs. SkinMedica”. Which is the better brand? Which promises more for your skin and your health.

NeoCutis was designed to help with various skin problems (such as blemishes) while it also takes care of the noticeable ageing signs (wrinkles). When you have a wound such as a cut or a burn on your skin, NeoCutis will not only prevent scars from forming or keep the skin smooth, it will promptly heal it up.

SkinMedica was made out of a dermatologist’s necessity to prescribe for his patients the best skin care products there were in the market. Just like NeoCutis, SkinMedica will repair and nourish your skin while also getting rid of scars and the noticeable ageing signs you might have.

Right off the bat, we will say that neither product beats the other. Either they both succeed in one area, or where one fails, the other succeeds. NeoCutis and SkinMedica both employ scientific breakthroughs in their skincare products. They both showcase the power of biotechnology like no other brand. Their research is extensive and products innovative.

SkinMedica has seen incredible success with their TNS Essential Serum, which can be classified as a versatile skin rejuvenation product. The TNS Eye Repair and the Dermal Repair Cream have also enjoyed success.

NeoCutis can proudly boast what they call the Micro Essentials. The Micro Essentials employ something called Micro Protein Complex (MPC), which works wonders in their anti-ageing products. Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream (contains caffeine) has received rave reviews for its skin restoration properties. Those black spots you have under your eye are eradicated in the blink of an eye.

Neocutis Vs SkinMedica
In short, there is no separating these two brands. In the NeoCutis vs. SkinMedica debate, there can be no winner. The amount of effort and research dollars that goes into developing these skincare products is astronomical and for that reason you can expect the very best results from each and every one of NeoCutis and SkinMedica’s products.

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