Nature Made vs Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil

Supplement is very convenient because they can enrich your diet without having to increase the amount of consumption of certain sources. Fish oil is well-known for their abundant benefits such as supporting heart health and you can get them easily from supplementation such as Nature Made Vs Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil. These are affordable yet quality sourced fish oil but, if you are not sure yet about which to choose, see below about what they can offer and any possible difference between the two. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are Supplement Safe to Consume
  • What are Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil
  • How are the Capsule of Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil
  • What Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Contains
  • Where Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil are Sourced From
  • What Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil can offer
  • How to Consume Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil
  • Nature Made Vs Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil

Supplement Safety

Our body needs food to provide nutrients it requires to function properly and to strive which is why it is important to have a healthy and balanced diet everyday. However, it is not very convenient to us because the amount of nutrients available in certain foods are not sufficient even when you already have a portion of it. This is also behind the reason why supplementation is very popular back then, now, and probably even in the foreseeable future.

Supplement is often used by those who think their diet is not enough or the food choice of their daily meals lack of various necessary nutrients. The question is whether supplements are safe since we often consume them and there are so many of us who rely on them as well due to various reasons; mostly to improve health or to prevent certain illnesses. You probably heard about the story of a man who needed a liver transplant after consuming green tea pills for a certain time.

Experts pointed out that this case is extremely unusual because you will rarely hear of such impact. FDA actually has regulation for their ingredients but not as strict as those they put on drugs and foods because of the “supplement” function but the safety and efficacy itself are not regulated. In general, supplements are actually safe but there is still a chance it can bring harm rather than good and it is most likely either because of our existing health condition or excessive consumption.

Just like drugs, supplements have recommended doses that we should follow. In the body, while in many cases excess levels of a supplement will be excreted, the potential of it being toxic is still present and this is particularly dangerous to the liver which main function is to detoxify the substance we take. This is because there is a misunderstanding that supplementing will do your body good and taking more means, it will make the result even better but this is not true.

Another precaution that you may want to consider is taking these supplements indiscriminately at the same time. While they are safe on their own, there is still a chance that some can interact with each other or even strengthen the effects of one another while in other cases they may contain the same nutrient resulting in taking them on an excessive level. Depending on the person’s body, some people can’t metabolize certain substances effectively and this can affect the result as well.

 Nature MadeNature's Bounty Fish Oil
Best Priceclick hereclick here
Product Dimensions5 x 2 x 2 inches3.2 x 3.2 x 6.1 inches
Shipping Weight14.4 ounces14.6 ounces

About Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil

The takeout is that as long as we don’t consume these supplements higher than the recommended or daily intake recommendation as well as not combining them with another supplement that can affect each other, they are generally safe. However, since they are produced or manufactured, it is wise to limit the intake to only those we are lacking from the diet. One of the most common supplements we take or give to our kids is fish oil and this is for good reasons.

Fish oil has been known to offer various health benefits especially for the brain and since not all of us can eat fish everyday, fish oil supplement is a great alternative to supply your body with enough omega-3. As it is very popular, you will see so many brands of supplements offering the product as well and in general they are very much similar to each other but also different. Two good brands you can opt to among them are Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty.

These brands are favorite supplement companies that you can always find in drug stores everywhere near your place because of the wide variety of supplements they have and probably you have used one of their products as well before. Supplements are taken everyday and for many of us they also need to be affordable but not suspiciously cheap which is why Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil are two great options that won’t break the bank but still beneficial for your body.

Fish oils are a very common supplements we are often taking to improve health and it is also the most convenient way to increase your intake without eating the fish everyday but, for those who are not eating animal products like vegan or vegetarian, omega-3 fatty acid is actually present in flax seed, chia seed, and walnuts but if you want the fast method, in our opinion supplementation like Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil will be very useful to have around.

Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Capsule and Price

If you have taken fish oil before, these two will be the same as those fish oil capsules because similarly the oil itself is put in a gel capsule. There is no fishy smell at all if you are worried about any strange smell but when you first open the jar there will be this certain capsule scent which is not going to stay long. The capsule itself doesn’t have any scent and taken with water there is also no taste but if you are not used to taking a capsule, we can break it.

The oil taste itself is not fishy but it is thick and leaves your mouth a bit greasy after. As it has been mentioned above, one of the attractive parts of Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil is their price point and this is because they are very affordable. For example the 200 softgels of Nature’s Bounty is sold at $13.84 while the same bottle or Nature Made 1200 mg of fish oil is sold at $14.48.

Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Label

Just like with everything we put in our body, the first thing you may want to make sure is their label and here, we are using the 1200mg of these fish oil supplements. Both of them contain a total of 360 mg of omega-3 fatty acids which have EPA, DHA, and other fatty acids. What we like from Nature Made is they have better labels as you can see how many of omega-3, EPA, DHA, and the other fatty acid while the latter doesn’t offer such information per serving.

Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Source

Some of you may also be interested in where these fish oils are coming from but both Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil are claimed to be taken from the wild and not from farmed fish yet, we are not able to verify this information. Nature’s Bounty put a special claim and specific source of their fish and it is said to be taken directly from Peru. The reasoning is because their government has strict standards of the surrounding waterways in order to properly ensure protection of the fish. 

They also claimed to maintain the source of their fish to ensure longevity by working together with Peruvian government to prevent illegal fishing without license so everything that was sourced from there had to pass rigorous quality checks. Read also: Bio Oil Vs Dermatix.

Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Benefits

Fish oils are a good supplement to have because they bring so many benefits and one of them is the fact that it may support heart health. There are studies that show people who eat a lot of fish have much lower rates of heart disease because it can increase the level of good cholesterol, lower triglycerides, lower blood pressure, and prevent plaques on the arteries. Second is it may prevent certain mental disorders as well because studies suggest people with certain disorders have lower omega-3 in their blood.

Our brain itself is made up of 60% fat and much of this fat is omega-3 fatty acids which is why it is necessary to consume enough of it for normal brain function and what’s interesting is fish oil supplements can prevent the onset or even improve the symptoms of some mental disorder. 

Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil Dosage

The last part we want to talk about is their dosage because each product usually has their own recommendation and instead from the amount of fish oil, the omega-3 is more important to notice. In general the daily recommendation is 250 to 500 mg combined EPA and DHA but for certain health conditions this can be increased such as those with heart disease is recommended to take 1000 mg of combined dose of EPA and DHA while people with high triglyceride can take two to four times higher.

Nature Made vs Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil

Fish oils are a great supplement to take if you are not a fan of fish or not consuming them routinely. They can bring so many benefits but it is best to consider the recommended dosage as well depending on your health concern. Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil are both affordable options for your omega-3 intake which are also convenient as well. In general they are very similar but Nature’s Bounty gives more information where they sourced the fish while Nature Made has a better label.

- Nature Made Omega-3 fish oil products use only the oil from wild ocean fish
- No artificial colors
- No Artificial Color, Flavor or Sweetener, No Preservatives, No Sugar, No Starch, No Milk, No Lactose, No Soy, No Gluten, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Fish, Sodium Free
- Nature Made Fish Oil 1200 Mg (360 Mg Omega-3) 200 Liquid
- Contains (1) bottle of 200 rapid release 1200 milligram fish oil supplement soft gels, each containing 360 milligram of Omega 3
- Quality, consistency and scientific research has resulted in vitamins and nutritional supplements of unrivaled excellence.
- Every Nature’s Bounty product is subjected to numerous quality tests throughout the manufacturing process to verify purity and potency.
- Nature's Bounty Fish Oil 1200 mg Omega-3, Heart Health, 200 Rapid Release Softgels


You can pick any of them because in general these fish oils are very similar and chances are you will also get the same benefits from any of them. However, between the two we prefer Nature’s Bounty better because we feel safer about their sourcing place and method.

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