Monistat 3 Ovule Reviews : 1st Recommended Yeast Infection Treatment

Vaginal infection is super annoying. Talk about total inconvenience. The itches and irritations are just very bothering for many women, too disturbing for them to be able to perform their daily activities properly. What makes it worse is the treatment. Most treatments are messy and take some time to give enough relief. Granted, there is the Monistat.

Monistat 3 Ovule Reviews
Monistat is an ultimately effective treatment for vaginal yeast infection, even becoming the number one doctor’s recommendation of over-the-counter drugs for the disease. Unlike other products that can take days to provide relief, the effects of Monistat is near instant. The itches will go away just after a few moments after application, as have been proven by the users. This is all no magic, but rather because of the potent ingredients of the product. A package of Monistat contains “ovule” which is the medication that needs to be inserted into the vagina by using the given applicator, and a tube of external cream. The active substance is Miconazole nitrate, a very strong material to kill the yeast, which amount varies according to the variant of the Monistat.

By the way, Monistat comes in three variants: 1-Day, 3-Days, and 7-Days Treatment. As opposed to most other similar drugs that take a week for complete healing, Monistat offers 1-Day and 3-Days choice. The 1-Day variant contains a very big concentration of Miconazole nitrate, and it may cause an allergic reaction to some people, and that is why the 3-Days variant is the best here. With 200 mg of the active ingredient, it provides the needed power to relieve and cure without the big risk of allergy. Even for a heavy case of infection, you can continue the usage of the 3-Days treatment, and it is still more effective than others. Typically, with Monistat 3 Ovule, an infection can be healed between three to seven days only. And the most important thing is that it eases the itches by a lot. Nonetheless, you may need to consult your doctor too to make sure that the contained ingredients are suitable for your body.

The Plus
– Effective treatment with immediate relief from the itches
– Strong, reliable ingredients for optimum healing
– Unlike the 1-Day Treatment variant which contains a very high amount of the active ingredients and may cause an allergic reaction, the 3-Days variant has a much lower concentration but still powerful to eliminate the yeast

The Price
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