Max-Freeze Vs BioFreeze

Max-Freeze and BioFreeze are amongst the most famous brands of cryotherapy pain treatments. For your information, cryotherapy is a way to address aching by applying coldness on the affected area. The coldness will numb your nerves, thus reducing the aching, also decrease inflammation and promote the constriction of blood vessels. Now, each of Max-Freeze and BioFreeze has their own fans who have been trusting the product for a long time, and people can’t stop arguing about which one is the best pain medication. Here, we will see the difference between Max-Freeze and BioFreeze. Have a look : CryoDerm Vs BioFreeze.

If we conduct an observation over the net weight per price value of each product, BioFreeze is slightly cheaper than Max-Freeze. The gap can be trivial, though, but still, that is a plus for BioFreeze. Next, we are going to check their contained ingredients. The old version of Biofreeze uses 4% menthol as the active ingredient, but there is also a variant with 3.5% menthol currently. Meanwhile, the active ingredients of Max-Freeze are 0.2% camphor and 3.7% menthol. Both contenders also feature various natural substances and Vitamin E to soothe the soreness. We may say that they can perform identically well. BioFreeze has been praised as the best pain treatment thanks to its high concentration, but Max-Freeze can arguably reach the same performance level – if not slightly better – due to the combination of camphor and menthol. Worth noted, BioFreeze smells like mint but the aroma disappears quickly, as soon as the gel is absorbed into the skin. On the contrary, Max-Freeze’s eucalyptus smell lingers around for a while.

Max-Freeze Vs BioFreeze

Key Features– sore muscles – Back shoulder and neck pain – Arthritis pain – Gel formula– Contains an ILEX base, and a herbal extract for a quick onset , deep, long lasting, pain relief – Has been shown to help decrease the aches and pains of daily life – Greaseless, stainless, and has a vanishing scent
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Therefore, if you are not keen with those aromatic smells, then you may find BioFreeze a lot more convenient. BioFreeze also possesses a slightly better value-per-money score. But, if you prefer more flavor, then you may find Max-Freeze to be better.

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