Kirkland Minoxidil Vs Rogaine

It is not always easy to choose a minoxidil product to help stop hair loss. There are numerous brands in the market, though the choice will always be either Kirkland or Rogaine. At first glance, both products look alike: they have the same active ingredient, minoxidil, which prevents loss of hair. They also have the same active ingredient meant for men at five percent. There are some differences between the products and they cause some men to prefer one or the other two products.

Explanation about the products.
Kirkland minoxidil- people view it as the generic form of Rogaine (also called Regaine Extra Strength). Just like other generic medicines, they are cheaper compared to the branded version, but the science behind this product is similar. With Kirkland, the cost for a six months supply is minimal compared to a quarter of the equivalent Rogaine product. For individuals who prefer bargain hunting or are price sensitive, then the choice is absolutely obvious.

Until recently, Rogaine had an advantage over Kirkland though: it provided a foam product that was preferred by majority of men, something that was not achieved by Kirkland as the generic foam minoxidil had not been approved yet. Rogaine does not have this advantage anymore as Kirkland now boasts of a foam minoxidil product that works similarly to the Rogaine foam, but similar to ‛Extra Strength′ products, the Kirkland foam is very cheap compared to the branded Rogaine foam.

If you are using Rogaine and desire to save money, the key to retaining your current hair regrowth is to stick to the same product type and regime. If you switch from foam to liquid, or vice versa, whether between brands or the same brand, this will temporarily affect your hair regrowth. However, changing from a generic version of the same product, e.g. switching from Rogaine foam to Kirkland foam will have no effect other than saving you money. Medically, an individual is applying the same ingredient and in the same manner too.

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