Infants Tylenol vs Motrin

As parents, when our kid is having a fever or discomfort, we often panic and don’t know what to give them since adult medicine is not made for small children, moreover, infants. But, there are actually many we can opt to help our little one rest better and relieve their discomfort such as giving them Infants Tylenol Vs Motrin. These drugs are adjusted to follow infant and small children dosage to be safe but, see below about which you should give to them based on the issue.

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  • OTC Medicine for Children
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  • Infants Tylenol Vs Motrin

Over the Counter Medicine

Pain is something that can’t be removed from one’s life and as long as we are living, various pain will most likely happen especially body pain from overworking, sitting too long, doing certain activities too often, accidents, or even staying inactive for far too long. There are tons of causes of bodily pain and it is not rare as well accompanied by fever which makes your body feel sluggish and uncomfortable. This unfortunately also happens to our little one since they were born.

Unlike us adults however, we have higher precautions when giving anything to our little babies because of their fragile body. We can just grab a painkiller and go on with our day but when it comes to our babies, there are so many considerations we have to make especially whether it is safe yet to give them certain medicine including pain killer or fever reducer. We also often feel the pressure because even slight miscalculation could cause serious side effects. 

In general, medicine should be used only when needed and it all depends on the problem itself. In many cases children don’t need medicine for certain issues like a little flu and cold so it is recommended to just use home treatment such as giving them plenty of time to rest and give them more liquid such as water, juice, or broth to prevent dehydration. If they experienced a stuffy nose, we can give saltwater drops to thin the nasal secretion or cool-mist humidifier and warm-air vaporizer.

For more serious problems such as fever that cause them feeling uncomfortable and difficult to rest, it is probably better to start giving medicine. There are many over the counter options we can use based on the problem. But, do give them with some precaution for safety.

  • Since over the counter dosage for children depends on the weight, it is best to always weigh them first before giving a certain amount and if you are asking for prescription, make sure the doctor or pharmacist knows their current weight. Too small dosage will be ineffective while too much of them may cause harmful effects. In addition, different medicines may have different concentrations so it is wise to check their label or be informed about the medicine.
  • Always let your children’s doctor know about your little one’s allergies or if they are taking certain medicine regularly so they can give a more proper dosage or the type of medicine that won’t cause any side effects.
  • If your kid’s pediatrician is prescribing certain medicine, especially antibiotics, the dosage needs to be finished even when our kid looks better already. This is because for example antibiotic kills bacteria hence it is important to finish all the doses in order to stop the symptom and prevent the infection from coming back.
 Infants TylenolMotrin
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About Infants Tylenol and Motrin

For parents whose little one is currently having discomfort for bodily pain or fever, there are many over the counter options we can use to help them relieve the pain and rest better. However, just like any medicine, it is always better to match the solution with the problem hence it is necessary to know what the medicine is dealing with. If you have been giving them the medicine for quite sometime but seeing no improvement, it is wise to start visiting their pediatrician.

For bodily pain, there are various over-the- counter medicines with the same main drug as their ingredients but, the most popular will be Infants Tylenol and Motrin. We are sure most parents are aware of these brands and medicine because they are those we often see in drug stores and probably what you often heard other parents are using as well. They are available in the regular or adult dosage but for babies and children, always use these two to match the dosage. 

Both of them are very much similar to each other in terms of capabilities when dealing with pain and discomfort including for babies older than 6 months as in this stage we often can’t be very sure on what’s causing the discomfort; sometimes it can be earaches, sometimes it can be because they have fevers. For mild pain, Infants Tylenol and Motrin are working equally effective but, as they are using different drugs or active ingredients, there must be some differences as well.

As many parents are already aware of, Tylenol including the one we as adults use is using a drug named Acetaminophen to relieve the pain while Motrin is Ibuprofen which also often goes with Advil for the branded name. Read also: Tylenol Extra Strength Vs Ibuprofen.

Infants Tylenol and Motrin Medicine and Price

For adults Tylenol and Motrin, they are coming in caplet form which is common for painkiller both NSAID and non NSAID but since Infants Tylenol and Motrin are made for infants and small children who most likely can’t consume medicine in such a way, they are equally made into liquid form and added with fruits flavors to ease the consuming. The former has grape flavor while the latter has berry flavor which tastes good and children usually like them as they taste just like concentrated syrup.

To ease the dosing, instead of coming with a measuring cup these medicines are coming with the bottle and one dosing syringe that can be used to draw out the liquid from the bottle. One bottle contains several doses depending on your little one’s weight but at least they can be taken about 15 times. For Infants Tylenol, one 60 ml bottle is sold at $8.77 while Motrin for infants is sold at $8.58 per 30 ml.

Infants Tylenol and Motrin Drug

Just like with any oral solution, it is best to know what’s in the medicine especially if it will be given to small children. As it has been mentioned above, Infants Tylenol is using Acetaminophen as the active drug while Motrin is using Ibuprofen, similar to Advil and any generic Ibuprofen that we can buy from various brands. What’s so different about them is not only the drug but also the type because Ibuprofen is an NSAID or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

Infants Tylenol and Motrin Mechanism

Being different, it seems Infants Tylenol and Motrin also work differently as well and let’s start with Acetaminophen. This drug mechanism is not fully understood yet but has been used for decades and proven to be safe. It is actually an analgesic and an antipyretic drug but mostly believed to be beneficial due to its ability to block the brain from releasing substances that cause the feeling of pain. It works against minor pains from colds, sore throats, headache, toothache, or muscle aches.

On the other hand Ibuprofen in Motrin is known to be effective because it blocks the formation of substances called prostaglandins that trigger the sensation of pain, swelling, and inflammation which is why it is also recommended to handle fevers and other pain like toothaches. In short it reduces inflammation so then the pain caused by it is reduced as well. Another difference between the two is that Ibuprofen is processed in the kidney while Acetaminophen is processed by liver. This difference also affects the side effects and cautions in users.

Infants Tylenol and Motrin Side Effects

Another important part to consider is their side effects because just like any drugs, there is always a possibility that Infants Tylenol and Motrin can give certain effects on children. For Tylenol, Acetaminophen is usually very safe to use but overtime usage in large dosage will damage the liver and in rare cases some people may have allergic reactions to the drug. For Ibuprofen in Motrin, it can damage the kidney when overused. It also affects blood platelets so parents with children suffering from these conditions may want to ask the pediatrician first.

Infants Tylenol and Motrin Efficacy 

As for efficacy, both Infants Tylenol and Motrin seems to deliver the same effects especially for light problems like fever and alternating between medicines is unnecessary to give better relief but it is more recommended to help them feel more comfortable so they can rest better. Ibuprofen however, is known to deliver a longer relief at 6 hours compared to 4 hours of Acetaminophen and it is also more potent for highly uncomfortable pain thus, in such condition this drug is often used.

Infants Tylenol vs Motrin

It is always best to consider the type of pain first before deciding which medicine to use. For light to moderate bodily pain and fever, both Infants Tylenol and Motrin are equally effective but for longer effects, Ibuprofen will give them better rest at night in order to improve their condition. Additionally if the pain is more serious and when Acetaminophen seems to be ineffective, this option can be a good solution with their pediatrician recommendation. 

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