Emergen-C vs Airborne

Maintaining our immune system is important, moreover, in the middle of a pandemic like today. There are lots of efforts we can do to strengthen our immune system and become fitter starting from consuming a balanced diet. To boost your vitamin intake we can use supplements like Emergen-C Vs Airborne which are great if you rarely have them from everyday meals. For those who also want to use these supplements, see below about what they can offer to you and which seems to be the better option.

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  • How are the Dosage of Emergen-C and Airborne
  • Emergen-C Vs Airborne

Supplement Safety and Efficacy

Everyone wants to be healthy and enjoy their life as long as possible but as we live and consume a lot of food types, exposed to the environment, as well as various issues that can affect our body, there is always a high chance that we will experience some health problems throughout our lives. It is an inevitable event but we can always put some effort to make sure any serious risks can be minimized and if possible eliminated from our lifestyle.

Today we are dealing with a global pandemic and everyone is suffering to get through it while also having to meet their daily needs. We as individuals can only do so much to protect ourselves and loved ones but if everyone is doing so, the risk will be much lower and it is always best to be cautious than regretting things later. To make sure our body can handle these stress and threatening illnesses, we can start to change the lifestyle, from the diet itself to the whole habit.

One effort we often try to improve health is by consuming supplements and this habit has been done for so long, even today because of how convenient and useful it is. Supplement as the name suggests is used to assist your diet, enriching them in case we are not getting enough nutrients from the meals we have everyday. Food is very important in building your body including supplying all the necessary nutrition to energize and help it to strive.

Supplement made with and from various nutrition; they can be vitamin, mineral, amino acids, etc. which has certain benefits for your body. When it is about efficacy, it is difficult to say that supplements can give an impactful result because the studies are giving different results and there is always argument from both sides so it is best to make decisions based on your own experience. Supplements in general are safe to consume as long as we follow the dosage or daily recommendation.

When consumed in a huge amount not only it won’t be absorbed optimally by our body but our liver or hearts have to work harder to remove them and this can be very harmful. It is best to only take supplements we need based on the health issue we have or what your physician recommends since in most cases we will also take them from the diet or for some nutrient, it can be synthesized in our body so there may be no need to have more from supplement. 

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About Emergen-C and Airborne

Just like everything, it is best to only have what we need especially when it comes to taking something because they are not whole products like the fresh veggies, fruits, legumes, or meat and poultry we cook and consume everyday. When it comes to supplements, you will see lots of options, almost unlimited choice to try but we advise to only take those currently required by our body and if you are here then Vitamin C is a great addition to improve your health.

Unlike most animals, the reason why we need to take Vitamin C from foods and other sources is because our body can’t synthesize it hence it is one of the most popular and necessary vitamins we often have to consume. The vitamin is known for its huge benefits but, when it comes to choosing the supplement itself, the extreme amount of options can lead to confusion. For those who are not into taking supplements, having drinkable vitamins like Emergen-C and Airborne is a great alternative.

Both of them are popular supplements to get your daily dose of Vitamin C from and since they are coming in drinkable formula, you will love the flavors as well as how convenient they are. Usually we are getting vitamins from our diet and daily meals but as we have different lifestyles or even certain tastes in foods, it can get in your way to have a balanced diet which not only takes time to make but also often expensive for some of us.

Supplements like Emergen-C and Airborne are the most convenient method to not ignore the body and deprive it from certain nutrition. The best part of drinkable or soluble supplements is they taste great and can be enjoyed like a fresh beverage especially with the sweet citrus or orange flavors. From the scientific view both solid like capsule and soluble form like effervescent are equally effective but different people may prefer or need a certain type better so there are always pros and cons of both forms.

Emergen-C and Airborne Supplement and Price

Similar to many other soluble vitamins, both of these supplements are coming in a soluble form with orange flavors but you can find them in other flavorings as well in case orange is not your type of fruit. For Airborne there are strawberry and lemon-lime variants while Emergen-C has raspberry/framboise and tangerine flavors. On cold days we can also consume them with warm water to stay comfortable while getting enough Vitamin C for the day. What’s different is in form because Airborne is effervescent while Emergen-C is a powdered drink.

In terms of taste, both of them are just as fresh and not overly sweet. Supplements in general are very affordable and Emergen-C or Airborne are also easy to your pocket because a box of 30 effervescent caplets are sold at $18.40 while the former is sold at $12.99 per 30 packets box. These brands are available in various physical stores or drug stores but you can also purchase them conveniently from numerous online stores like Amazon. Read also: Nature Made vs Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil.

Emergen-C and Airborne Ingredients

When choosing anything that will have an effect on our body the first thing we have to do is checking out their ingredients or the facts. Both Emergen-C and Airborne contain 1000 mg of Vitamin C which is more than what you need everyday. They also contain lots of other vitamins and minerals mostly from B vitamins like thiamine and pantothenic acid while the minerals are phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sodium, etc. for Emergen-C. It also has quercetin and alpha lipoic acid.

On the other hand Airborne boast its vitamins and minerals but also its proprietary herbal blend. It has vitamin A and C, with riboflavin and minerals like zinc, selenium, manganese, sodium, and potassium while the herbal blend is made from lonicera japonica, forsythia suspensa, ginger, etc. combined with l-lysine and l-glutamine.

Emergen-C and Airborne Benefits

Vitamin C or also known as ascorbic acid is a very popular vitamin being taken as a supplement and one of the most well-known benefits is to help with colds. The vitamin itself is not a cure but there are studies that show it may help prevent more serious complications regarding colds and flu such as pneumonia and lung infections. It contributes to the immune system by supporting various cellular functions of both innate and adaptive immune systems. It also supports epithelial barrier function against pathogens as well as promotes the oxidant scavenging activity of the skin.

Other vitamins like A and B are also very beneficial for example vitamin A can improve your eyesight as we grow older and there are also studies that suggest they can decrease the risk of cancer. For vitamin B, as they are the building blocks of a healthy body, they are overall good for your wellbeing especially for pregnant women. Lonicera japonica or honeysuckle has heart protective and cold protective properties as well as antimicrobial and antioxidative while other herbs like forsythia have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Emergen-C and Airborne Dosage

The last point we want to mention is their dosage because both Emergen-C and Airborne are containing quite a lot of vitamins and minerals in one serving so they should not be consumed in a huge amount at a time. For Emergen-C, it is drunk with water up to 2 times a day at one packet each while Airborne can be consumed up to 3 effervescent tablets each day, one tablet at a time. You also can use cold or warm water with these soluble vitamins.

Emergen-C vs Airborne

If you are not sure about getting enough Vitamin C from the diet or not, it is great to have some supplement to enrich your diet. Emergen-C and Airborne are good options and they are easy to consume as they taste good but from the formulation, the former has varying minerals but only include B vitamins and also contains higher amount of calorie per serving while Airborne vitamins are more vary combined with amino acid and herbs which may also be helpful.

- Dietary Supplement.
- 7 B vitamins. 24 nutrients. Electrolytes. Antioxidants. 24 nutrients with 7 B vitamins. Antioxidants and electrolytes
- Health: 1,000 mg of vitamin C, zinc, quercetin, and antioxidants support your immune system
- Energy: 7 B vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12 enhance energy naturally
- Effervescent formula in tasty Orange Flavor. Add to your favorite beverage.
- 1,000 mg of Vitamin C per tablet to support your immune system
- High in antioxidants (Vitamins A, C & E) and excellent source of Zinc, Selenium, and Manganese
- Proprietary Herbal Blend including Echinacea & Ginger


The decision is all yours because our bodies’ needs can be very different. Our recommendation is those who are also looking for minerals in their supplement should go with Emergen-C as it has lots of its variants but if you have no such concern, Airborne will be a good choice as well especially if you are maintaining calorie intake.


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