Colgate Optic White Vs Crest 3D White

Which one is the best whitening toothpaste on the market? When presented with the question, a lot of people will answer with either Colgate Optic White or Crest 3D White. Of course, these are the most popular toothpaste products on the market right now. Both have been proven to be effective in cleansing and whitening the teeth. Also, they both are available around similar prices. So, how do the two compare to each other? Which is the toothpaste best for you?

Colgate Optic White
Colgate Optic White boasts as a quick-acting whitening toothpaste. With regular usage, Colgate Optic White claims to be able to cleanse and whiten the teeth significantly in only a week! Not only it removes the outer layer of polluter, but it also eliminates the intrinsic teeth stains that are formed by food and drink molecules that get into the microscopic holes and cracks on the teeth – something unachievable by ordinary toothpastes. Furthermore, it works based on a special formula, utilizing enamel-safe ingredients for maximum safety and protection to the teeth and gum. The main ingredients are sodium monofluorophosphate and hydrogen peroxide. Colgate Optic White also contains fluoride that is important to prevent and treat cavities. Even though Colgate Optic White is very powerful in doing the job, some people find it to taste unfavorable. This is due to the hydrogen peroxide substance.

Crest 3D White
On the other hand, Colgate Optic White is a whitening toothpaste that is able to both whiten the teeth and protect against future stains. The patented enamel-safe formula generates a foam action that polishes away stains, gently whitening the teeth. It claims to be able to remove up to 80% surface stains. The unique formula also features fluoride to protect against cavities. The main ingredients used are sodium hydroxide, sodium saccharin, and pyrophosphate. Compared to Colgate Optic White, Crest 3D White is somehow less potent. However, with regular usage, it can also deliver satisfying results. What is more, the sodium saccharin actually makes the product taste much more pleasantly.

Colgate Optic White Vs Crest 3D White

NameColgate Optic WhiteCrest 3D White
Key Features– With regular use, this whitening toothpaste: – Whitens teeth more than 3 shades (brushing twice daily for 4 weeks). Results start in just one week! – Has a special formula made with enamel-safe whitening toothpaste ingredients – Removes intrinsic teeth stains ordinary toothpastes don’t.– Micro-cleansing whiteners polish away surface stains – Radiant Mint flavor for fresher breath – Gentle foaming action to clean hard-to-reach places – Whiten your smile in 2 days, Triclosan Free – Fluoride toothpaste to help prevent cavities, Enamel Safe
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Colgate Optic White is able to deliver quicker results. Its formula is more potent in cleansing and whitening the teeth, even to the intrinsic part. However, if you can’t stand the hydrogen peroxide which is quite notorious for the taste, then Crest 3D White is a great alternative choice.

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