China Gel vs Icy Hot

Muscle pain is something we often experience from time to time do to exerting our body or a finishing a routine tasks. They are uncomfortable but not dangerous so we can handle it with some over the counter solution like China Gel vs Icy Hot. They are generally similar but also slightly different in term of effect and ingredients so before going to get one, go see what they can offer and made of on our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a topical pain reliever
– What are China Gel and Icy Hot
– What China Gel and Icy Hot are used for
– What China Gel and Icy Hot are made of
– What China Gel and Icy Hot can offer to you
– China Gel vs Icy Hot

Topical Pain Reliever
Being active is nice to let our body get its dose of energy burning movements so we can prevent some lifestyle diseases as well as keep our body shape or fitness level in check. Being active however, also comes with a cost because not only we will get tired, it may also cause some inconvenience like muscle and joint pain; in some cases even small bruises due to light accident. Most of the time they are not dangerous and can be handled with OTC medicine to help relieving the pain.

Even when not treated, this type of issues will disappear within days but then again, they do cause much discomfort for the patient and it may hinder us while doing daily activities such as going to work or doing house chores. Pain is one of the most common discomfort our body often suffers from and to help dealing with the issue, pain reliever is widely available from those that taken orally to topical solution with and without additional sensation introduced.

If medication is not available, when having a small injuries we may also iced the affected area or apply some hot towel to help dealing with the inflammation and pain. Both of them are proven to have a therapeutic effect but work differently. When the area is cooled, the blood flow is decreased so the swelling is reduced as well as the inflammation and pain including muscle spasm. It is also help decreasing cell metabolism to prevent tissue death.

The opposite is happening when we apply heat because it will result in dilating blood vessels to increase blood flow to the area and bringing oxygen along with nutrients. It then help removing any metabolic waste created as the effect of injury together with increased metabolism which promote healing. As for topical medication, they are working similarly but without increasing or decreasing the affected area temperature since most of them are either introducing hot, cold, or even both sensations when applied on skin.

It is said that the ingredients used in such topical treatments are beneficial as a vasodilator to increase blood flow and also acting as counterirritants which mean they are introducing new sensation that are affecting our nerves so the brain will be moving its focus on the new sensation for a while as long as the solution is lasting on the skin. Due to this, users will need to apply several times a day for prolonged relieving effects, the same with heat patch.

About China Gel
Pain is indeed uncomfortable and nobody likes them since it is distracting so if you find the issues often harm your productivity for the day, it is best to find some pain relieving solutions that can be helpful when needed. Some people prefer to take their painkiller orally since it is faster and cover all body pain but, if you are not very fond of taking medications for certain reasons like fear of the long term side effect, a topical treatment is a very reliable option.

There are so many topical pain reliever we can get over the counter and one of them is China Gel. This brand is a very familiar name because they have been available for quite some time yet is practically modern as well. Just like the name, it is resourcing and based form the traditional Chinese medicine but processed with a more advanced technology to retain the benefit yet pleasant to be applied. Overall it is a good choice for those who prefer natural-based product.

China Gel Use
While the name is China Gel, this brand actually has two types of solution form; one gel and one cream so users can pick which consistency they prefer better. Many people choose gel because it is non greasy and more pleasant to apply yet, the cream version also don’t give any oily or greasy feeling after application. The brand claims that their solution is capable of relieving muscle and joint pain as well as enhance the healing process with their 7 herbal ingredients.

China Gel Ingredient
Just like with any medicine, solution, treatments or anything that promise a health benefit, we have to take a peek on the ingredients list first to get an idea on what the product is supposed to work and give benefit. The solution we pick is the gel type and its active ingredients are camphor and menthol, the same like in Tiger Balm. If you wonder what set them apart, go check our previous article on China Gel vs Tiger Balm here.

Additionally, it has many inactive ingredients to help forming the formula or completing the benefit such as aloe vera, angelica extract, carbomer, DMDM hydantoin, ginseng extract, imidazolidinyl urea, isopropyl alcohol, lavender oil, polysorbate 60, triethanolamine, water, witch hazel, and colorant.

China Gel Benefit
Camphor is the oil extracted from wood of camphor trees and processed with steam distillation which we often see in topical solutions for various purposes. The reason why it is used in China Gel is because the oil seems to affects the nerve endings by induces cold and warm sensation to skin. It is beneficial because besides working as counterirritant, it also help increasing blood flow and heal inflammation. The same effect happens with menthol but instead of warm and cold, menthol only induces cold sensation.

Similarly, topical application of menthol creates vasodilation or opening of the blood vessels close to the surface of skin. Increased blood flow itself has been related to pain killing and the cold sensation help our brain to shift the focus on the new feeling instead of the pain itself.

About Icy Hot
Because there are so many similar options out there, you may want to see what the other brand is offering so then we can compared and see which is more prominently working and promising to help dealing with the pain issue. Another popular pain relieving solution that we can applied topically is Icy Hot which is just like the name, should give the user a cold and warming sensation at once to help with pain relieving effect. It is one of the best solution and probably among the most used here in the US.

Icy Hot is a product of Chattem which activity focus on over the counter medicine, dietary supplements, and many similar products. The brand currently have many to offer including the pain relieving balm we are going to talk below but in addition, they have cream, spray, patch, sleeve, roll-on, and the Lidocaine solutions for those who prefer the active ingredient and need to numb away pain quickly.

Icy Hot Use
The balm we are picking today is a very suitable option if you also loves to massage the painful area for a moment because it is promoting a slick surface but when the balm is dried, it won’t leave any greasy or stickiness on skin. We can use it to relieve pain from arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, backache, muscle strains, cramps, bruises to sprains.

Icy Hot Ingredient
Together with solution like Bengay, Icy Hot is also using a similar active ingredients here with their menthol and methyl salicylate. These two are very prominent found in muscle pain relieving cream or gel due to the familiar similar effect on skin. In addition, it is also containing paraffin and white petrolatum to get the balm consistency so those who avoid petrolatum may want to choose the cream, lotion, or spray version.

Icy Hot Benefit
Menthol and methyl salicylate are introducing the same effect on skin which is cooling when applied so the most prominent sensation in Icy Hot is cooling yet, in fact the balm also induces warm sensation and it is probably the methyl salicylate because it is said that the ingredient will feel cold at first and warming later. Besides the cooling and warming feeling, they are acting as vasodilator to increase blood flow and will reduce inflammation in skin along with some pain-relieving benefit.

Now, let’s compare China Gel with Icy Hot. As you may already know, the prominent difference between both of them are the ingredients and consistency because the one is gel and the other is balm. Both are introducing cold and warming sensation to skin when applied with the same increased blood flow benefit and reduce inflammation. The cold-warm effect can be different depend on the user but both are very similar as counterirritant.

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