Bump Patrol Vs Bump Stopper

There is no man who likes getting razor bumps on his face. Of course, razor bumps are nearly inevitable, especially if you have a lot of in-grown hair. Razor bumps can be itchy and painful, and you just want them to disappear as quickly as possible. However, with the proper shave, cream, and method, you can reduce the number of bumps you get on your face after every shaving. You can also hasten the recovery by using an aftershave treatment, such as the Bump Patrol and the Bump Stopper. With both being popular bump treatments on the market, which is the product that you should choose?

Bump Patrol is available in pretty big sizes. There are 2-oz and 4-oz options. You can also get it in a pack of two, three, or six. On the other hand, Bump Stopper is generally available in smaller sizes. There are 0.5-oz and 2-oz options. Usually, getting the bigger size is more cost-efficient, but if you just want to try the product first then the smaller size is a good way to go.

Bump Patrol and Bump Stopper seem to rely on slightly different formulas. Bump Patrol is made using Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetylsalicylic Acid, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and deionized water. Isopropyl Alcohol is one of the safest antiseptics for topical usage; Acetylsalicylic Acid is for easing inflammation and redness; Glycerin is for some moisturization. On the other hand, Bump Stopper features water, stearic acid, resorcin, propylene glycol, glyceryl, and alcohol. The stearic acid functions as an emulsifier and lubricant, whereas the resorcin is used to remove hard, scaly, and roughened skin. Glyceryl is for moisturizing the skin, whereas alcohol is obviously used as a disinfectant to prevent infection.

Bump Patrol is seemingly more effective than Bump Stopper. Even the results of Bump Patrol can be seen within 48 hours. It effectively prevents razor bumps if used right after shaving, and it also helps in healing if the razor bumps have already occurred. On the other hand, while Bump Stopper is indeed gentle on the skin, the product does not give positive effects as much as Bump Patrol.

Bump Patrol Vs Bump Stopper

NameBump PatrolBump Stopper
Key Features– Results can be seen in just 48 hours – Heals and prevents razor bumps – Just shave and smooth this product everywhere you shaved– Dermatologically approved adn clinically tested – For really stubborn and severe razor bumps – Keeps hair exposed and bumps away
Ratings*4.6 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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Between the two, Bump Patrol is the best way to go. It is available in larger sizes, and it is more effective in dealing with razor bumps.

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