Boiron Arnica 30C vs 30X

Being active always come with a risk of injury because we never know what will happen in the future even when we already make sure to be safe while doing so. To allow people stay active and help us when experiencing pain or bruise due to some light accident, Boiron Arnica 30C vs 30X are a good pain reliever to pick. Go check our article below to see what they can offer and which version suit your need better between both variant.

In this article, we are going to give you information about
– What is Homeopathy
– What are Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X
– What Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X are made from
– How Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X Works
– What are the Difference between Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X
– How to Take Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X
– Boiron Arnica 30C vs 30X

Homeopathy Pain Reliever
Not all of us understand how the body works because sometime we are experiencing pain and other uncomfortable feeling which can be annoying but not as serious as we often think. Headache and soreness are common things we often experienced day after day especially when our body is tired or under some stress. They can sure affect our mobility and productivity but some light issues usually gone with a help from a pain reliever whether those we should apply on or consume.

Painkillers is widely used and almost all of us have at least one bottle of it on our drawer just in case we or other family member needs it. In the U.S herself, back then in 2013 doctors wrote nearly 207 million prescription of opioid painkillers to treat almost everything from cancer and post-surgical pain to those with bone fractures and headache. However, it seems that many or most of the people are not finishing the prescription for varied reasons from capable of handling the pain to adverse effect.

Besides the painkillers we get from prescription, we also have another option called homeopathy and this is also very helpful for many of us. The term itself actually not very reliable when described as medical system based on the belief that our body can heal itself but people have been practicing them for a long time and even today where technology has gone very far including in medicine and health. One of the many reason is because they are based on natural source which should be safer as an option.

Pain is the most common reason why we are seeking a solution to numb them and be active or at ease again so it is no wonder that we have so many solutions to treat them. Taken from Everydayhealth the homeopathy is a separate system of medicine which is not lay on the same framework as what we consider conventional medicine. It is developed by a German physician named Samuel Christian Hahnemann hundreds years ago.

While they can be a good alternatives, an extensive research has not been done on the field especially for pain treatment. Some researchers suggest the herb used to relief some pain may be effective but there are also research suggest that their effect is no more than placebo such as in reducing the need for morphine after knee surgery. One herb that is often and most well-known for pain treatment is Arnica so no wonder we often see them used as a homeopathy.

About Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X
Due the popularity of homeopathy regardless whether they are actually working or not, manufacturers are interested on making the products for their customer especially when it comes to the common issue like pain. We can opt to use any over the counter painkillers or relievers from conventional medicine to those made from natural herb as long as we can break free from the uncomfortable pain or at least handle them without the need to consume more medicine that can have some side effects.

One of those brands or manufacturers is Boiron and we are sure most people are already familiar with the name as well because this company is among the most popular when it comes to homeopathy pain reliever which is made from Arnica. They currently have several similar products on the catalogue but it can be very confusing since not only they own many other for different problems, the pain reliever catalogue also contains both topical and tablets or pellets we need to consume.

Boiron pain reliever is called Arnicare from the active ingredient and their goal are generally the same but with different focus and application. The topical version is good for people who are not very fond of consuming tablets or pellets and can’t stand the taste even though the tablets virtually have no taste. However, if your pain is not focused in one area and need something to ease your body pain, the pellet version like Arnica 30C and 30X is nice to opt.
Because there are several versions of them, some of us may find it confusing to choose between the options but, it is always good to do some light research and determine which the better option based on your need. Pellets is preferred by many of us because it is not coated and smaller to ease the consumption as well as faster absorbed by our body.

Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X Ingredient and Benefit
The ingredient of Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X is Arnica Montana or also called as Mountain Daisy and Leopard Bane but why this ingredient is so popular among homeopathy solution, the short answer is because there are researchers suggesting it has beneficial effect especially on arthritis symptoms. But, the studies done about the effectiveness of the herb has been mixed and seems it will stay the same for the next several years to come. This herb start its popularity from German for it has been officially approved as topical treatment.

It can be used to treat sprains, bruises, rheumatic, and other similar conditions with benefit that has been proven by homeopathy practitioners and patients. It is also useful to treat osteoarthritis in the hand because a randomized, double blind study on the topical application of Arnica Montana gel produced similar result like when people are consuming ibuprofen and what’s interesting is both doctors and patient could not distinguish the difference in effect between two gels. If you are an active person who loves to exercise, the gel also shown to delayed pain relief after an intense workout.

The last is Arnica Montana shown to be more effective than placebo in reducing postoperative pain and edema which follows after people doing surgery and in those who underwent knee surgery, the herb is useful to reduce swelling than those who took placebo. Read also: Icy Hot vs Aspercreme here.

Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X Science
Seeing this many benefit, it makes us wonder what and how the herb actually work and why it is benefiting the user. The evidence gathered from laboratory studies on reason why Arnica Montana might help reduce pain and swelling is found that the herb has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immune-stimulating effects. The compounds found on the plant also interact with the energy powerhouse of cell, mitochondria to protect them from oxidative damage and promote healing. Additionally, its compound called arnica is the one that serve its benefits.

Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X Difference
Knowing all of these, now we understand why the herb is so popular and trusted as a pain reliever we can consume to ease the body. Moving back to Boiron, both of their Arnica 30C and 30X contains the same active ingredient but are also different because of how they are made and designed. The C in Arnica 30C means the common type of dilution which is centesimal and the 1C is obtained by mixing 1 part of the Mother Tincture (1/10 dilution of the herb) with 9 parts of ethanol.

They are placed in a new vial and then shaken to create succession so the result is 1/100 dilution of the plant itself while the next 2C is obtained by mixing 1 part of the previous 1C with 99 parts of ethanol then followed the same succussion. At the other hand, X is used to state desimal dilutions which is prepared in the same manner as C dilution but the factor of dilution is only 1/10 from one dilution from the next.

Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X Dosage
Just like regular medicine, we have to consume homeopathy solutions according to their dosage as well and while both of Boiron Arnica 30C and 30X have different dilutions, they are taken in the same manner and amount which is 5 pellets at once and we can also use their cap as serving size. When experiencing pain, take 5 pellets on a cap and then put them below your tongue then let them to dissolve slowly.

It can be used by children above 2 years and adult people, 5 pellets at once, 3 times a day or as directed by your doctor. The pellets virtually have no taste so we don’t have to worry about bitter or any weird aftertaste.

Now, let’s compare Boiron Arnica 30C with 30X. As you may already know, the difference between both of these Arnica Montana pain relievers is only on the dilutions level used because the C means centesimal in which X in in desimal. The easy way to understand is the more the zero the more potent the solution is and it means 30C is more potent than 30X.

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