Blue Emu vs Tiger Balm

Pain is one of the most uncomfortable feeling we often experience in our daily life even for those who doesn’t exert their body very much. If you often have to deal with soreness or just need some quick relief from a light pain, over the counter topical solution like Blue Emu vs Tiger Balm are two good options to pick. To know which one of them suit you better and looks more promising, go check what they are made with and can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a topical pain reliever
– What are Blue Emu and Tiger Balm
– What Blue Emu and Tiger Balm are used for
– What Blue Emu and Tiger Balm are made with
– What Blue Emu and Tiger Balm can offer to you
– Blue Emu vs Tiger Balm

Topical Pain Reliever
Being active is very beneficial to make sure our body is always moving and help us burn those extra calories we took at lunch or breakfast as well as the snack we keep on our drawer. Whether it is for exercising or to do another task around the house and office, we are required to move as much as possible especially for those who spend most of their days sitting on an office chair for at least 8 hours for almost every day.

However, while they sure beneficial to keep our fitness level, being active also bring a drawback and it is the tiredness. While tired body can be recharge by consuming nutritious foods and a good night sleep, sometime doing more activity also means a pain muscle and pain all over the body especially for those who rarely exert their body. This uncomfortable feeling can hinder us from our daily activity and may reduce our productivity so it is best to deal it with some solution.

Some light or mild issue such as joint and muscle pain are quite annoying and very common so if they feels too much uncomfortable or start affecting your daily activity, we should apply or take some solution to help numbing the sensation or at least make the pain more bearable. Since they are very common, we can reach for over the counter medicine easily yet, for there are so many of them, user may find it hard to choose one that seems more promising to them.

Besides the regular painkiller we used to take in such condition, many of us are also using homeopathy solution which is seen as a more natural medication for people with some light health issue. With the rising awareness of harmful chemical we used to choose in the past, people nowadays change to a more natural options because at least they are using plant or animal based product along with mineral as the active ingredient to handle the issue but with less possible side effect for long, repetitive use.

In term of effectivity, it is arguable because there are different opinion on homeopathy method yet people are already experiencing the benefit for long. Since human body may react differently to substances, it is better to try and decide for ourselves for those that are proven to work on other people are never a guarantee it will work the same for you yet, they are indeed more promising.

About Blue Emu
If you are also often experiencing light body pain like muscle or joint pain as well as stiff muscle from moving too much, it is probably good to use a topical solution that we can use and apply on the necessary place to help reducing or handling the issue effectively. This type of solution is great for people who are not very fond of consuming tablets or pill and any oral medicine due to some concerns or just not good with swallowing medicine.

When talking about topical solution for pain, one of our favorite product especially on the natural-based section is Blue Emu. This manufacturer is many people’s favorite for a topical pain reliever due to being formulated with natural active ingredient which is Emu oil that has been popular for a reliable topical treatment with its many benefit. The brand have many to offer on the catalogue but the one we are picking is the original cream version and besides this, they also have those made especially for arthritis and with lidocaine.

Blue Emu Use
This topical cream is very useful to have around the house because it is safe for daily use and helpful when there is someone who need a relief from tired muscle and joint pain as well as light pain due to some injury around the house. It is formulated to be moisturizing so people may want to use it on cold weather as well to deal with chapped or dry skin, moreover, it is suitable for everyone. Read also: Blue Emu vs Deep Blue here.

Blue Emu Ingredient
As it has been mentioned above, Blue Emu is an emu-oil based cream or solution so the oil is sitting among the top in addition to glycerin and aloe vera for the extra moisturizing part. Emu oil is derived from emu bird which is originally native to Australia but due to its benefit, they are begin to be farmed outside the country as well including here in the US. The oil is taken from the fat accumulated below their skin and need to be filtered first before use.

Blue Emu Benefit
The reason why the oil is very popular and used as one of the main ingredient in Blue Emu is because it has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and it is very useful to treat issues like arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome and ear inflammation. Another great ability of the oil is the easy absorption and moisture locking to prevent cracking or drying out and we also see the ingredient on other topical solution since it help the other ingredient to be absorbed as well.

Since the oil has painkilling effect along with antioxidant as well as easy to absorb, it can be used to help treating to small wounds, cuts, bruises or burns. It will help dealing with pain and the antioxidant will preventing the additional damage from happening. In addition, the glycerin and aloe vera are going to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated so it will help soothing your skin when the weather is cold out there.

About Tiger Balm
Because there are so many other options out there, it is good to compare or even purchase more than one item at once to see which one of them will work better for our pain and if you are not suitable with emu cream or need something that works as a counter irritant to help your brain distract the pain away, Tiger Balm is the traditional solution which is loved by many user due to its versatility for many light health issues.

Tiger Balm Use
Tiger Balm is one of the oldest solution for everything that we may already use since our young days due to its popularity. This Chinese herb-based balm or solution is rub or topical medication to help relieving tired muscle and other minor aches including backache, arthritis, bruises, strains and sprains. The brand has a wide collection but the one we are talking here is their Ultra version which is a level below the Extra for those who want a more potent formulation.

Tiger Balm Ingredient
However, when checking the most common version of the balm, Tiger Balm is made with natural ingredient that we often see on so many similar pain reliever with camphor as the star ingredient then followed with menthol. In addition, depend on which version you pick, the one sold in the US also has cajuput oil, cassia oil, clove oil, dementholised mint, and paraffin.

Tiger Balm Benefit
Camphor is very common here because this traditional natural remedies is seeming to work in stimulating the nerve endings that relieve symptoms such as pain and itching when applied on top of your skin as well as has an anti-fungal properties that cause infection on our toe nails. When used near the nose, it is creating a cold sensation and will help with congested nose when we are having blocked nose while suffering from cold so we can breathe easier.

Camphor has a warm sensation when vigorously applied yet cooling when applied gently similar when using menthol which is why they are often said as a counterirritant. They are not lowering the temperature of our skin but only introduce a new sensation to it which mean our brains will not able to distinguish the sensation anymore and changed to the warm or cooling sensation to make the pain more bearable. The additional ingredients are also helping to give aromatic treatment especially when the user is having a cold or similar issues to relax the body.

Now, let’s compare Blue Emu with Tiger Balm. As you may already know, the basic difference between both of these topical treatment for light pain is the feeling of their solution due to ingredient difference since Blue Emu is not introducing new sensation unlike with Tiger Balm with its warm and cooling effect to help user bear with the uncomfortable pain.

Blue Emu vs Tiger Balm

- Soothes Joints and Muscles
- Odor Free & Non-Greasy
- Value Size
- America's #1 Emu Oil Formula
- Warm relief for muscle pains and itches due to insect bites
- Fast acting pain-relief properties
- Ointment made from herbal ingredients
- Available in sizes from 1.25g to 30g

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different opinion on what’s important or preference. Blue Emu is good for relieving light to moderate pain on people who don’t like warming or cooling sensation while the opposite will be more suitable with Tiger Balm which is also more versatile for cold and headache thanks to the menthols and camphor.

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