Biotrue Vs Opti Free Replenish

Not caring about your contact lenses can lead to various eye infections. Fortunately, contact lens care is now easier than ever before. Nowadays, you can easily find disposable contact lenses and one-bottle care systems in most supermarkets and drugstores. Still, choosing the right contact lens solution for cleaning, disinfecting, and moisturizing your contact lenses can be a little confusing due to the number of different products available on the market. No worries! In this article, we will help you understand the comparisons between Biotrue vs Opti Free Replenish, which are very popular on the market. Both Biotrue and Opti Free Replenish solutions are said to be able to make your contact lenses very comfortable, but which one is better?

About Biotrue Contact Lens Solution
The Biotrue contact lens solution is designed to cleanse, disinfect, and moisturize soft contact lenses. Produced by Bausch+Lomb, this contact lens solution claims to be able to kill 99.9% of all germs, remove buildups, cleanse, moisturize, condition, and store your contact lenses. It is said to be able to make wearing contact lenses easier on your eyes.

Biotrue’s formula is created from gentle ingredients. The pH has been balanced to match the same level as healthy tears. The balanced pH is beneficial in two ways. First, it is gentle and non-irritating. Second, it also enhances the ability to kill certain germs. Biotrue is said to be able to provide moisturization and comfort for up to 20 hours, and many of its users have confirmed that this product indeed makes their contact lenses much more comfortable. Biotrue is compatible with soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

About Opti Free Replenish Contact Lens Solution
Opti Free Replenish is also a multi-purpose contact lens solution for cleansing, disinfecting, rinsing, and storing contact lenses. It is produced by Alcon, a subsidiary company of Novartis. Opti Free Replenish is actually the mid-tier product of the Opti Free line; there is the Express solution for short wearing duration – take a look at the comparisons between Opti Free Express vs Replenish here – and there is the Puremoist solution for all-day comfort. The Replenish offers enhanced moisturization and conditioning that can last from morning until evening.

Opti Free Replenish is also a powerful cleansing solution that can remove buildups and disinfect your contact lenses. It also effectively removes debris and particles so that your contact lenses can be clearer. The secret behind the enhanced comfort is the TearGlyde system, a proprietary dual-action system that works with your tears to form a layer of comfortable moisture.

If we compare the performance of Biotrue vs Opti Free Replenish, most people agree that Opti Free Replenish tends to be a little bit drier. Well, it is great, but it does not really make the contact lenses as comfortable as Biotrue. However, if you are fine with Opti Free Replenish, you should not abruptly change. Different formulas may have different ingredients, and some ingredients may cause some allergy reactions. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients if you really want to change.

Biotrue Vs Opti Free Replenish

NameBiotrueOpti Free Replenish
Key Features– Biotrue multi-purpose contact lens solution is the only solution that works like your eyes with the same lubricant they have naturally and the same pH as healthy tears – Biotrue solution hydrates your contact lenses by utilizing the lubricant your eyes have naturally to give you up to 20 hours* of moisture– OPTI-FREE Replenish provides enhanced comfort with top-notch cleaning and disinfecting power – Exclusive formula gets rid of microorganisms that can cause eye infections – TearGlyde reconditioning system works with your tears to create a shield of comfortable moisture
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In general, Biotrue is the winner because it makes the contact lenses more moisturized and more comfortable. It is able to do so because of the balanced pH level, which is matched with the pH level of natural healthy tears. However, Opti Free Replenish is also a good contact lens solution that is able to cleanse, disinfect, rinse, and store your contact lenses.

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