BioFreeze Vs Perform

Some time ago, BioFreeze was removed from retailers and regular stores by the manufacturer. They changed the product with a new one called Perform. Even so, we can still get BioFreeze from several defined distribution routes, including online stores. Then, there are two questions arisen : Why did they remove BioFreeze? In what ways does BioFreeze different from Perform? Here, we are going to answer those issues, and perhaps help you determine whether you should go with BioFreeze or Perform as your primary weapon to deal with pain. Have a look : Max-Freeze Vs BioFreeze.

The reason for BioFreeze’s disappearance is because the manufacturer originally intended the product to be sold only for professional health care practitioners and not to be spread wide across the country. However, the distributor sells BioFreeze as an over-the-counter pain treatment. After a negotiation process, they all agreed to replace BioFreeze with a new product, Perform.

So, what is the difference between BioFreeze and Perform? The answer is the ingredients. These two products are both cryotherapy treatments to provide temporary pain relief, which means that they both basically use cold to null the nerves on a certain area, thus making you unable to feel anything including the pain and the soreness there. This is very useful when dealing with both mild and intense aching. However, BioFreeze contains 4% menthol as the active ingredient and more substances to soothe the skin including some Vitamin E. Meanwhile, Perform has 3.1% menthol and fewer substances.

BioFreeze Vs Perform

Key Features– Contains an ILEX base, and a herbal extract for a quick onset , deep, long lasting, pain relief – Has been shown to help decrease the aches and pains of daily life – Greaseless, stainless, and has a vanishing scent– Perform uses natural menthol as well as cold therapy (Cryotherapy) – which is the application of cold to decrease inflammation and relieve pain – Fast-acting, long-lasting relief of your aches and pains – Perform Pain Reliever works on a multitude of aches and pains
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Apparently, BioFreeze is more effective than Perform due to the contained ingredients. Even so, according to the user reviews, Perform is able to perform satisfyingly in relieving ache, too. So, it is difficult to determine the winner of this product comparison. You may choose the one with the lower price since their performance is almost equal.

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