Biofreeze vs Icy Hot : Which is Better?

Everyone experiences sore muscles, aches and pains and we turn to pain relief creams, ointments and roll-ons with the hope of getting quick relief. If you’ve ever perused the shelves at your local drug store, chances are good you’ll find two of these products very close together: Biofreeze and Icy Hot. But which product is better and what’s the difference between them? Here’s some information to help you decide who the winner is between Biofreeze vs Icy Hot.

Biofreeze vs Icy Hot

How are they the same?
Both products are for localized topical application. This means the analgesic is applied directly to the area which is experiencing pain by applying it to the skin. Both Biofreeze and Icy Hot use menthol in differing formulations as the active ingredient to penetrate quickly and provide relief. This is due to menthol’s ability to alter the perception of the brain to pain via it’s interaction with nerve fibers under the skin. Both also have a variety of products and applications available depending on the consumer’s need.

How are they different?
Biofreeze utilizes strictly cold therapy and works much the same as applying ice. It reduces blood flow and blocks pain but works more effectively and the effects last longer than ice. It’s also currently the #1 most recommended topical pain reliever recommended by doctors for their patients.
Icy Hot activates both hot and cold sensations as it’s name implies. It increases blood flow to the affected area rather than reducing it as Biofreeze does. It’s also less expensive. Icy Hot also offer a wider variety of ways to apply it, such as sprays, creams, gels, patches and sleeves. The back patch is currently the #1 top selling product of its kind.

Biofreeze vs Icy Hot


Which is better?
Consumer reviews show a distinct preference towards Biofreeze. They state that even though it’s more costly, it goes a little farther and works better controlling their pain. They also claim it doesn’t have the same strong lingering aroma that Icy Hot has which is more appealing and applicable to their daily habits. Biofreeze is also said to not be as greasy or messy and the effects are longer lasting. So, if you’re not opposed to paying a little more, Biofreeze is the clear winner in the Biofreeze vs Icy Hot competition for best topical analgesic spread.

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