Biofreeze vs Bengay

Biofreeze vs. Bengay, which is better? This was a question that I used to ask myself all the time. I have spent a lot of time looking for topical pain relievers that I can use whenever I am afflicted with muscle or joint pain. Recently, I have narrowed the product search down to these two topicals. Both products work for alleviating body pains and aches and they are both over- the-counter medications. Before you go looking for relief, read this so you can get a better insight on which is the better buy. Take a look : BioFreeze Vs Perform.

First, let’s start with Biofreeze. Biofreeze is a topical gel that works by creating a cooling sensation wherever applied with the use of menthol and other ingredients. Menthol has been proven to indirectly block the brain from receiving pain receptors. This gel was originally used to alleviate arthritis symptoms but, people all over the world realized that it also relieved sore muscles, bones, and sprains. Biofreeze is a natural gel that is paraben free, colorless, non greasy, and it is also a great skin conditioner.

Bengay, on the other hand, has both hot and cold products with menthol and other ingredients to alleviate pain. Biofreeze only offers cold therapy products. Bengay has been around for over a century so people are more familiar with it. It is not a natural product like Biofreeze and, it contains an active ingredient that can be toxic in excess. A plus about Bengay is that it can be bought in patch form whereas Biofreeze is only in cream, spray, and roll-on form. Bengay is one of the top prescribed topicals for body pain and it is very effective at providing relief. Biofreeze can only be bought online and at a practitioner’s office but, Bengay can be bought at any pharmacy. I did find Biofreeze to be a bit more expensive.

So, Biofreeze vs. Bengay? I think that the Biofreeze is better. Biofreeze is paraben-free, non greasy, odorless when absorbed, contains herbs that are good for your skin, and is not tested on animals. For these reasons, I think Biofreeze is the big winner. I also love the feeling of cool sensations on sore muscles and joints.

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