Bio Oil vs Dermatix

When doing activities we sometimes experienced some injuries and this can leave some marks as well which is unattractive for the majority of us. These marks will last for a very long time or even forever if not treated but, with Bio Oil Vs Dermatix you can erase these marks in a fairly shorter time. If you are also considering to use any of these popular skin solutions, do check below about which of them will be your best match.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do You Have Scars or Keloid
  • What are Bio Oil and Dermatix
  • How are the Solution of Bio Oil and Dermatix
  • What Bio Oil and Dermatix are made of
  • What Bio Oil and Dermatix can offer
  • What are the Side Effects of Bio Oil and Dermatix
  • Bio Oil Vs Dermatix

Scars and Keloid

As a living human who is always active and doing various tasks everyday, our body is prone to experience pain and this bodily pain is often not a serious matter so any painkiller can do the job well but, it is different when the injury is causing a wound because not only they will need more proper treatment, chances are you will also need to do prolonged care as well to make sure the scar is not going to stay forever on your body.

Some people are fine and don’t pay much attention to the marks from scratches or accidents but they can leave permanent and visible remains which is unattractive for the majority of people. If it is only a small mark, we can just brush it off or cover with makeup but when it is quite huge, there is probably another solution that we can try to make sure the surface or skin will come back to its original state.

We are sure most of us are familiar with scar and its marks but what’s often becoming a problem is the raised type of marks or also called keloids. This is the type of scar that is occurring on the skin which is healing after an injury and depending on the size of your injury, it may grow to be much larger than your original injury. In general, everything that can cause a scar will have a chance to cause keloid as well.

If you are experiencing accidents such as being burned, cut, or having severe acne, keloid can develop after the body is healing and it also includes doing piercing or tattoo and medical procedure like surgery. They may not appear instantly after your skin is healing and the wound is closing but often quite a time after or even 3 months after the accident and what’s becoming a problem is it can even grow long after that as well for years.

If you are not sure whether the skin is developing keloid or not, start from seeing how it grows. If it is slow and needs months to start developing but suddenly faster after the initial growth, then it is a keloid. If it begins as a pink, red, or purple scar and gets darkened over time with its border being darker than the center, it is a sign of keloid. In addition, the surface feels different from the surrounding skin as it is soft and doughy or even hard and rubbery.

 Bio OilDermatix 
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About Bio Oil and Dermatix

This skin condition may not be a problem if present in a concealed place but can be an issue to your confidence when they are difficult to hide, such as on your arms or legs thus, people with keloid or scar marks usually avoid using a short sleeve or short trousers. They can be professionally removed by laser or skin grafting but it will cost quite some hence, many of us are looking for a more affordable alternative despite it may take a longer time to heal.

Since this is a common problem, you will see so many solutions out there from those we already familiar with such as Bio Oil and Dermatix to those names we never heard of. These two solutions are the most popular in the market for treating scar marks that were left after injuries or medical procedures and what’s amazing they are also very affordable which makes it possible for almost everyone to try and enjoy their benefits. As different solutions however, they are also quite different from each other.

As many of you may already know, Bio Oil is a cosmetic oil and is meant to reduce the appearance of scar. The name is not very suggestive in our opinion and we remember not knowing anything about what is the purpose of this product since our first impression is they were used as massaging oil. But, this name is apparently a combination of both its manufacturer and the product type itself. It seems to be made from a blend of botanical oils which are rich in vitamins.

On the other hand, Dermatix is not an oil, it is also not as natural as the one derived from plants as well because it uses silicone gel. It is relatively new but almost all of us already recognized how topical silicone gel is working just like silicone gel sheeting. The topical and self-applied Dermatix brings the treatment for a wider user in a more affordable and more convenient way. Bio Oil and Dermatix are proven to work but one might be better for you. Read also: Blue Emu Vs Tiger Balm.

Bio Oil and Dermatix Solutions

There are various topical skin solutions but oil is personally not our favorite because of their inherent feature of being greasy and this is also what we thought of Bio Oil but, surprisingly, this light orange natural oil is not greasy at all and it glides smoothly on skin without needing hours to absorb. It doesn’t have a very strong smell but you can definitely call it a light floral scent which probably comes from one of its ingredients. It is available in full size and smaller bottles for convenience.

Dermatix is available in two types; the original Dermatix which has a black packaging and the ultra-version which is white, today we are going with the latter. It comes in this small tube bottle that you need to cut the tip first before dispensing its formulation. The gel itself is quite thick and has transparent color with a sleek texture that glides smoothly over skin. It has a light flowery scent but not the type you find on perfume and will dissipate quickly.

Bio Oil and Dermatix Ingredients

As with any solution, you may want to check what they are made from first because it gives an idea on how the product will deliver its benefit. Starting with Bio Oil, this solution is made from a blend of botanicals oils and vitamins namely rosemary, calendula, lavender, chamomile, purcellin which is their proprietary blend, and vitamin A, as well as E. On the other hand Dermatix is made from cyclic and polymeric silicones combined with vitamin C ester.

Bio Oil and Dermatix Benefits

Moving to their benefit, Bio Oil has been proven to work based on certain studies where a small group of 44 people with acne scars from age 14 to 33 received treatment with Bio Oil and the result showed improvement of 90% better in scar color. Vitamin A is useful to exfoliate skin and accelerates scar healing process while calendula and chamomile oil are both anti-inflammatory which means they can help heal skin. Vitamin E itself is helpful for wound-healing.

For skin care, this oil has tocopheryl acetate which is an organic chemical compound similar to Vitamin E and is showing cancer-causing free radical fighting ability thus, you can use it for skin care for reducing wrinkles or getting even skin tone. As for Dermatix, the silicone is providing a protective layer on top of the scar and increased hydration of stratum corneum to facilitate collagen production which makes it able to soften and flatten scar as it allows skin to breath.

The layer also protects the scarred tissue from bacterial invasion as well as preventing bacteria-induced excessive production in the scar tissue. For the Vitamin C it is useful to increase the synthesis of collagen that will be responsible for the skin’s structure and vital for overall healing them.

Bio Oil and Dermatix Side Effects

The last part we want to mention about is their side effects and in general both Bio Oil and Dermatix are very safe to use. There is no caution that causes redness or irritation but similarly, they are meant to be applied on healed scars so we shouldn’t apply them on open wounds. While Bio Oil is often said to be able to heal acne scars and is non-comedogenic, since it is still oils, it also has a chance to worsen your acne.

Bio Oil vs Dermatix 

For healed scars these solutions are equally reliable but Bio Oil is not made to deal with keloid but only flat scars and those uneven skin texture or scars from healing wounds. Silicone gel treatment, not only Dermatix has been proven to help reduce the keloid appearance and it is also useful to support the skin from healing itself as well as erasing the mark over routine treatment.


All in all you should choose the one that fits with the problem but if keloid is what you are trying to deal with then Dermatix is the best option yet, if it is for regular scars or acne marks and stretch marks, Bio Oil will be very capable to smoothen the skin again.

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