Baby Quasar PLUS Vs MD

Despite their considerable prices, a lot of people are getting attracted to Baby Quasar PLUS and Baby Quasar MD PLUS anyway. This is because they come with a unique approach to deal with aging skin. Instead of relying on chemical topicals, these devices use light waves to promote the health of the skin. And they have received quite a lot of positive reviews, as people apparently recognize their exceptional performance. Nonetheless, their significant prices may make people consider carefully about which model that they need to purchase. So… which one?

Before we continue our discussion, you ought to be aware that Baby Quasar has made several models for different purposes. Baby Quasar PLUS and Baby Quasar MD PLUS are aimed to treat aging skin, promoting the collagen production so that fine lines and wrinkles can be eliminated. For your information, Baby Quasar Baby Blue and Baby Quasar MD Blue are the ones aimed to address acnes. Now continuing our product comparison, we have known already that Baby Quasar PLUS and Baby Quasar MD PLUS both work for the same purpose. They use the same technologies, as they both feature red wavelengths, amber wavelengths, and infrared wavelengths, all used to improve the skin health and counter the aging process, stimulating the collagen production. Also, they both use anodized aluminum, and pretty much the same features.

The only apparent difference is their sizes. Baby Quasar MD PLUS comes with an MD treatment head size, while Baby Quasar PLUS has a baby treatment head size. Baby Quasar MD PLUS is bigger than Baby Quasar PLUS. This does not necessarily mean that Baby Quasar MD PLUS is better than Baby Quasar PLUS. The MD version has a wider surface, so it can treat the larger areas faster than the PLUS, yet, also because of the wider surface, you will find that it is not as practical as the PLUS to cover the smaller, curvier, and trickier parts of your skin, like the eyes and the mouth.

Baby Quasar PLUS Vs MD

NameBaby Quasar PLUSBaby Quasar MD PLUS
Key Features– Sized for portability, the Baby Quasar PLUS puts the spa in the palm of your hand. – Helps prevent future wrinkles and promote new collagen production.– Helps accelerate the growth of healthy skin cells. -The most powerful Quasar to reduce wrinkles and build new collagen. Includes red, amber, and infrared wavelengths.
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Now if we take their prices into account, we will probably say that Baby Quasar PLUS holds the better value for our money. With the same functionality, it is more affordable. If you have some fortune to spend, however, you can purchase Baby Quasar MD PLUS as a complement of Baby Quasar PLUS.

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