Aubio Vs Abreva

About 170 million Americans are suffering from cold sores. To treat this there are many ointment you can find in the market. Among those many ointment, we will introduced you to two of them, which are Aubio and Abreva. Both of these ointment is pretty famous and used by many people to treat their cold sores symptoms. In this article we will compare them and see, which one is more promising.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Aubio and Abreva
– What Aubio and Abreva can offer to you
– Aubio vs Abreva

About Aubio
Aubio is a cold sore treatment gel that was produced by AubioTM. The gel inside the tube is designed to provide the users temporary pain relief and itching that was associated with cold sores or fever blisters. The gel formulation will gives the user ultra-hydration and moisturization. These things are important for the skin so it can fight the environmental bad effect and begin the healing process. The gel contains the Ultra-Effective Super-Botanical Technology combined with other herbal ingredient. The combination is proven to be able to give the user a calming, soothing relief and help the skin to return to its natural condition.

Aubio cold sore gel treatment are recommended to be applied three or four times in a day for fast and more effective temporary relief of pain and itching that was caused by cold sores. It is not advised to take Aubio more than four times a day during waking hour until the symptom are gone for 24 hours. If the symptoms last more than 14 days, it is advised to seek medical help. The user should apply Aubio in clean and dry skin of the infected area or around the lips. If the symptoms stop for a few days and occur again in a few days later, stop the usage and seek medical help.

You also have to take note that Aubio will not cure the cold sores forever, because cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1), which cures is not found yet. This virus also known as oral herpes. Most people get infected by oral herpes in infancy or childhood, after the initial infection, human will be prone to have a cold sores when the virus is activated. Aubio works by treating the symptoms of pain and itching. Generally when human get older, their immunity will fight the virus and reducing the chance of having cold sores. You also can read about other similar product here.

About Abreva
Abreva is a cold sore treatment ointment. This ointment is categorized as non-prescription medication that was approved by FDA. The ointment are claims to fasten the healing process of cold sores. The formulation of Abreva is unique and made with an active ingredient that will speed healing process. The formulation of Abreva ointment will penetrates deeply into the user skin and work immediately to prevent the virus from entering the healthy unaffected cells. The ointment are recommended to be used since the first tingle, so your symptoms can disappear quicker. The company claims only Abreva able to penetrates deeply into the skin to the source of cold sores and heal it.

The active ingredients of Abreva is Docosanol. Taken from webmd, Docosanol is used to treat oral herpes. Docosanol is also called behenyl alcohol, which is a saturated fatty alcohol that used traditionally as emollient, emulsifier and thickener commonly used in cosmetics and nutritional supplements. Docosanol is said to fasten the healing process and decrease the symptoms of cold sores, such as tingling, pain, burning and itching. However same as Aubio, this ointment can’t heal herpes and will not prevent the virus from passing to other people, it also will not prevent future occurrence.

If you want to use the ointment, it is recommended to apply it following the direction in its package. Before applying the ointment, make sure to wash your hand clean and dry it. The affected area also need to be clean and dry. You should applying the ointment thinly and completely over the affected area that feel tingling, itching, redness and swelling. Rub the ointment gently and re-apply it about five times a day for every three or four hours or as directed by your doctor.

The caution of Abreva is only apply it to skin and do not apply it near eyes area, because this medication can irritates eyes. If you want to apply makeup, you can layer it on top of the medicine, but use a different applicator or cotton swab. You also shouldn’t share your Abreva with other people to prevent the virus passing around.

Aubio Vs Abreva

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When comparing between Aubio and Abreva ointment, we should first compare their active ingredients. The active ingredients of Aubio is Lidocaine, which is a medication to numb tissue in a specific area. While the active ingredients of Abreva is Docosanol, this ingredient is proven to be able to prevent the virus from infecting healthy cells. The Abreva is also sold with more affordable price. In our opinion, Abreva is better to treat your cold sore symptoms.

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