Abreva Vs Blistex

Certainly, we all here can agree that shutting off the source of attacks is much better and more effective than just simply blocking the attacks themselves. The theory is true not only in wars and fights, but also in medications, too. Instead of only soothing the symptoms, it is more appropriate if we can deal with the cause of the symptoms directly, thus preventing further negative conditions. And that is the basic consideration of why Abreva is better than Blistex.

Cold sores are annoyingly painful. In terms of providing temporal relief from the sores, Blistex is equal to or perhaps only slightly better than Abreva. Both products are designed to provide the immediate soothing needed when an outbreak happens. However, Blistex is basically just an analgesic and moisturizer. Blistex helps you cope with the pain and prevent the possible dryness on your lip. But, Abreva does much further. With the Docosanol in its ingredients, Abreva is able to prevent the outbreak from spreading. By applicating Abreva immediately once you feel the tingling sensation at the start of an outbreak, you can very much minimize the impact. Therefore, Abreva can reduce the duration of the symptoms to only a few days.

Furthermore about why it is strongly suggested that you choose Abreva instead of Blistex is because Blistex contains paraffin and petrolatum. Because of that, Blistex may leave some oily-textured residue on the treated area, which can be annoying especially when you have cold sores there. Meanwhile, Abreva dries completely well.

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