Biotrue Vs Opti Free

Multipurpose contact lens solutions are very popular because they are simple and easy to use with your contact lenses. They are capable of cleaning and disinfecting the contact lenses as well as adding some sort of lubrication to make the contact lenses more comfortable on your eyes. They also require minimal to no rubbing at all. Today, there are two multipurpose contact lens solutions that usually become the primary choices: Biotrue and Opti Free. Which one should you use for your contact lenses?

Biotrue is a contact lens solution that goes beyond just cleaning; it combines three bio-inspired innovations to deliver exceptional disinfection and lubrication. Biotrue features a dual disinfection system of polyaminopropyl biguanide and polyquaternium. The system ensures that all harmful germs and bacteria will be completely eliminated while still keeping certain beneficial tear proteins active in your eyes. Furthermore, Biotrue introduces hyaluronan as a lubricant agent that is very friendly to the eye. The hyaluronan has been widely used to make artificial tears for treating dry eyes. As a result, Biotrue will make your contact lenses very soft and comfortable on your eyes. The product has been very carefully and sophisticatedly crafted to provide the safest and most convenient usage; it is sterile and isotonic. It has the pH level of healthy tears, so it is very unlikely to cause any irritation. So, Biotrue is not exaggerating at all when it says that it works like your eyes. In fact, many users have praised Biotrue for making their contact lenses so soft and comfy that they feel as if wearing nothing on the eyes!

Opti Free
Opti Free is a solution designed to clean, disinfect, and moisturize contact lenses. It also features a dual disinfectant system that aims to eliminate microorganisms that may cause eye infections. However, Opti Free features the HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix, a proprietary multifunction block copolymer that works to wet and lubricate silicone hydrogel lenses. This special feature basically adds a special chemical layer to the lenses to make sure that your eyes will not get dry as you wear the contacts. The buffered system also ensures that the pH level is friendly to the eyes. However, compared to Biotrue, Opti Free doesn’t soften the contact lenses as much. Indeed, it is friendly and safe to the eyes, but the contact lenses are still pretty solid that you can still quite feel them on your eyes.

Biotrue Vs Opti Free

NameBiotrueOpti Free
Key Features- Biotrue goes beyond exceptional disinfection by bringing together three bio-inspired innovations. - Matches the pH of healthy tears - Utilizes a lubricant found in eyes - Keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active - Works like your eyess- The only multi-purpose disinfecting solution with exclusive HydraGlyde Moisture Matrix - Provides a cushion of moisture for comfort that lasts morning ‘til night - Contains a proven dual disinfectant system to reduce microorganisms that can cause eye infections
Ratings*4.7 out of 5.0 stars4.7 out of 5.0 stars

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In general, and especially for first-timers, Biotrue makes the best choice. It is able to make the contact lenses feel very soft and comfortable to the eyes. Opti Free is also a good solution, but doesn’t make the contact lenses as soft.

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