Trojan Bareskin Vs Ultra Thin

Love it or hate it, condoms are now very beneficial – if not mandatory – to prevent unwanted pregnancy as well as catching Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). You must wear a condom for a safe sex. You may never know whether you or your partner has an infection or disease. HIV infections take months before showing noticeable symptoms. Now, if you are looking for the best condom that can give you safety and protection, at the same time allowing you to have real sex sensations, Trojan offers Bareskin and Ultra Thin condoms. Both Trojan Bareskin and Trojan Ultra Thin have claimed to be very thin yet durable. So, which is the one that you should choose?

Trojan Bareskin
Compared to Trojan Ultra Thin, Trojan Bareskin is a little bit pricier. This is because the designation and production process require more efforts. Trojan Bareskin is the company’s thinnest condom ever; in fact, it is 40% thinner than standard Trojan latex condoms! It has also been layered with a silky smooth lubricant for enhanced comfort and sensitivity. Being extremely thin and lubricated, Trojan Bareskin will give you the real sexual feeling during the action. It will allow you to get closer and more intimate to your partner, and it will allow you to feel real contact and friction. However, being super thin, Trojan Bareskin also has a higher chance of breaking. On the good side, it has been constructed of premium quality latex to ensure its ruggedness and durability, and it has also been electronically tested. It has a special reservoir tip to give extra safety.

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Trojan Ultra Thin
On the other hand, just like what the name implies, Trojan Ultra Thin is also a very thin latex condom. It is indeed thinner than most Trojan latex condoms, but it is not as thin as Trojan Bareskin. Nevertheless, it also gives natural feeling and excellent physical sensations. It also contains a premium lubricant that enhances the comfort and sensitivity of the wearer. In many ways, it has been designed similarly to Trojan Bareskin, only thicker. It is also made from premium quality latex that is strong and durable, and it also comes with a special reservoir tip for extra safety to prevent spillage.

Trojan Bareskin Vs Ultra Thin

NameTrojan BareskinTrojan Ultra Thin
Key Features– 40% thinner than standard Trojan latex condoms – our thinnest condom ever! – Made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk – Contains a silky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity– Thinner than standard Trojan latex condoms for a more natural feeling – Made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk – Contains a premium lubricant for comfort and sensitivity
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If you want the best feeling, Trojan Bareskin should be your choice. However, if you want something slightly more durable for ‘heavy-duty use’, then you should choose Trojan Ultra Thin.

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