ThermaCare vs Biofreeze

Sore muscle and joints are common problem we may experience in our daily life when we move too much or not enough. To relief these pain, we can use pain relief gel or cream that available over the counter like ThermaCare vs Biofreeze. While they are promising the same thing, they may also offer their benefit or used a different ingredients. If you are also considering to use either of them, go check our article below to pick which product will deliver the better benefit.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are the Solution for Muscle Sore
– What are ThermaCare and Biofreeze
– What Variants Available in ThermaCare and Biofreeze
– What ThermaCare and Biofreeze are made of
– What ThermaCare and Biofreeze can offer to you
– ThermaCare vs Biofreeze

Muscle Sore Solution
Have you ever experience sore muscle after working out or after driving yourself harder than usual. At the first time, we may find it very uncomfortable and worrying whether it is dangerous or not but it is actually very common, so when you also find some soreness after working out, don’t get discouraged since we can strive for better even with some muscle soreness. In addition, it can happen in people with different fitness level so both those with lack movement and more experience can get muscle sore.

The reason why muscle can get sore after some physical activities or known as delayed onset muscle soreness is happening because when we start a new exercise programme, change our exercise routine or increasing the duration and amount of energy spent than what we used to do in our regular workout, it is believe that there is some microscopic damage to the muscle fibers that result in the pain or soreness we feel after working out harder or longer than usual.

In the past, this problem often mistakenly seen to be caused by a buildup of lactic acid but in fact this acid doesn’t involve in the process. If you wonder whether professional athletes can get the same problem, the answer is yes they can. While we can’t avoid getting muscle soreness from time to time, the good news are they will usually subside on their own after few days combined with a good night sleep and constant exercise, so when our body is used to them, they will disappear.

If you find the pain is too annoying and cause much discomfort for your daily activities, we can try several over the counter solution available such as painkillers or pain reliever topical medication. For those who are not fond of taking an oral medication, using the topical ones is more preferable since there will be very little side effects may happen. Topical medication for pain have been available for a long time whether they need prescription or not and continues being a handy solution for people who hate pills.

About ThermaCare
Among those many pain relievers in the market, we may get confused when going to store or selecting which product to pick from those huge options which is why it is good to look for related information first. If you are here to get one of the best pain relievers out there, ThermaCare may suit your preference. This brand is made by the popular Pfizer which also manufactures many other over the counter medications out they and are already trusted with their good quality.

In this article, we are going to talk about their pain relief cream and according to ThermaCare, this cream is created to deliver the benefit fast for those deep muscle, joint and back pain that we can experience from time to time. With their special 4 powerful ingredients, this cream is claimed to send deep, penetrating relief directly to the center of your pain. With this they should relief pain better and faster as well as more effectively to allow us move better and be more active.

ThermaCare Variants
On the product option, ThermaCare actually have several products option but in general there are two types; one is cream and the other are pain relief wraps or patch. While the cream version only have one variant, the wraps type have many versions that designed for different part of our body that prone to have pain such as lower back, joint and neck with one patch for any place. If you prefer pain relief wraps, go check what they can offer on our ThermaCare vs Bengay here.

ThermaCare Ingredients and Benefit
To deliver the relief benefit, as it has been said above, ThermaCare is using a combination of 4 ingredients consisting of camphor, capsaicin, menthol, and methyl salicylate. Taken from Healthline, a small study in 2015 show that applying spray consisting of camphor, menthol and essential oils like cloves and eucalyptus are proven to be effective in relieving light to moderate pain and this study applied the solution in places like joints, shoulders and lower back in specific for 14 days.

In addition, menthol is very soothing thanks to the cooling properties so they can make the pain subside when you apply the on skin. As for capsaicin, this ingredient comes from chili pepper seeds and are known to be effective to deal with joint pain and diabetic nerve pain as well. When applied topically, it generate heat, making the skin feels warmer with tingling sensation that improves over time. It is said to apply capsaicin regularly to reduce pain since they won’t last very long.

The last is methyl salicylate and we are sure many people are already familiar as well with this one since they are often used as pain reliever. This is because the ingredient is working like an aspirin which is especially helpful when you have pain in the joints close to the skin like fingers, knees, elbows and feet. In general, it is working by blocking the nerve impulse transmissions so they can reduce joint inflammation and the pain as well as swelling and stiffness.

About Biofreeze
Because we have so many options out there, it is probably wiser to look around first before committing on a product so we can see which the better option is and if you want an effective pain relieving cream or similar solution, Biofreeze may have what you need. This brand is manufactured by Performance Health along with many other similar solutions in the market and in term of longevity, they have been operating since decades ago offering latex cloth for latex clothing for physical supplies.

According to the manufacturer, this brand is the number one option for over 25 years as clinically recommended external pain relief product and they claimed to be the secret weapon to handle sore muscles, back pain, and even sore joints that often used by athlete, so we can get the same relive experience when suffering from the same problem.

Biofreeze Variants
In the product option, Biofreeze is offering a wide range of pain relief solution and while they seem different, most of the collection are using the same formulation except for the professional line. In their regular line, they offer the solution in different form from cream, roll-on, gel, and spray; the one we used as a sample picture above is the gel version and as opposed coming in a tube, their cream version has a jar container. As for the professional line, there are solution packed unscented.

Biofreeze Ingredients and Benefit
Similar like ThermaCare, Biofreeze also get their benefit from the ingredient used and unlike the other, it seems that this brand is only using one ingredient as the active component to help the user subside the pain or soreness and it is 4% menthol. As you may already know, menthol is derived from mints leaves and in general, it is working by soothing the area where you apply the solution, making it cooler and help subsiding the pain similar like when placing an ice on the specific area.

Another similar ingredient is camphor and as it has been mentioned earlier, this ingredient is having a relieving property and used mainly as a topical medication to subside the pain in several areas in your body from light to moderate. When applied, there are a tingling sensation, warming or even cooling and this is what makes them work. Beside these two, the rest of Biofreeze ingredients are those commonly used to promote healthier skin.

For example, those ingredients are green tea leaf and lemongrass. These type of ingredients, are known to help improve skin conditions and the relation to pain relief are pretty unknown while the reason why they are put in the formulation probably to improve the effect so the skin where we put the solution on can appear better for example to treat the bruise.

Now, let’s compare ThermaCare with Biofreeze. As it has been mentioned above, these two solutions are separated by the ingredient they use to relief the pain and in general, while Biofreeze has tons of ingredients, the most effective ones are only menthol and camphor while in the other, we can get 4 effective ingredients including methyl salicylate and capsaicin. In affectivity, however, each person may have different experiences.

ThermaCare vs Biofreeze

- ThermaCare Ultra Pain Relieving Cream is the first and only cream with four powerful pain fighting ingredients that sends deep, penetrating relief directly to the site of pain to relieve multiple types of pain.
- ThermaCare Ultra Pain Relieving Cream has 4 powerful pain-fighting ingredients that act in 4 different ways to relieve tough pain fast.
- ThermaCare Ultra Pain Relieving Cream is a fast and effective solution to relieve sore muscles, body aches, lower & upper back, knee, joint and arthritis pain.
- #1 clinically recommended topical pain relief brand, trusted by pharmacists, physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and podiatrists
- Unique cooling menthol formula is backed by science and research-proven to deliver fast acting, long lasting and deep penetrating pain relief for sore muscles, backaches, sore joints, and arthritis
- Trusted by some of the world's best athletes and athletic trainers

All in all, both of them are dependable when it comes to relieving pain and we can choose base on our preference. However, comparing the two, if we are to choose we will pick ThermaCare because this one seem more promising with their effective ingredients and helpful when it comes to subside the soreness or pain on some parts of our body.

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