Preparation H vs Anusol

Hemorrhoid is one of the common sicknesses that mostly experienced by a pregnant woman or elderly. This symptom leads them to have difficulties in daily activities. That is why hemorrhoids medicine is widely available. One of the best among the medical practitioner is preparation H VS Anusol. Both are the same medicine to help hemorrhoids patients on their recovery without doing any surgery. However, many people sometimes feeling confused to select which medicine is the most suitable for their condition. If you want to get more information about their comparison, the below paragraphs will help to explain to you.

Brand Overview

In the medicine world, many medical practitioners have known about the two brands. Whether Preparation H VS Anusol, both are common to use in many hospitals and clinics. However, ordinary people might not really have known the products. Even some of the people might just hear it, especially if they never experience the ill. Therefore, short information is important to brief people about the background company of Preparation H VS Anusol. Read also: Boiron Arnica 30C vs Boiron Arnicare Bruise

According to Wikipedia, Preparation H is a brand by Pfizer and focuses on hemorrhoids treatment. The company starts in 1926 in America as an American Home Product brand. In 2002, the Company change to Wyeth and manage to be one of the best-selling treatment for hemorrhoids. Later on, in 2009, it was bought by Pfizer until today and keep the business on hemorrhoids treatment in various products.

Anusol also an American product and release under the Tucks brand. It has several ranges of products including cream, ointments and also a suppository. The company itself has been known in the medical world since 1947. At the moment, Anusol products are market under Church and Dwight, a leading US producer that has a wide variation of selling brands.

General Benefit

In general, both products are a good selection to manage hemorrhoids healing. By using the medicine, the hemorrhoids patient would not need to perform surgery. Since the medicine will help to reduce the inflammation and manage to heal the symptoms within several days. 

Preparation H cream claims to bring several major benefits on hemorrhoids as below:

  • It helps to soothe pain relief especially the painful burning, including the itching and discomfort feeling.
  • Shrinks swollen hemorrhoid tissue.
  • Prevent irritated tissue.
  • Relieves external discomfort.

While Anusol mentions on the products that it will help to bring below benefit:

  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Soothes itching.
  • Shrinks piles.
  • Relieves discomfort.

However, it shall be noticed that there are many types of hemorrhoids. There also various kinds of products of Preparation H or Anusol too. Therefore, the best is to ask for suggestions and advice from an expert medical practitioner to avoid the mistake in the treatments.

Ingredients and Content

Based on the benefit of the products, each brand brings its specific content according to the factory research. Start from Preparation H, this medicine content four active ingredients as mention in the below list of items:

  • Petrolatum 71.9%
  • Mineral Oil 14%
  • Shark Liver Oil 3%
  • Phenylephrine HCl 0.25%

A slightly different way with Anusol, the product only consists of one active ingredient. In a complete ingredient, the product mentions that it consists of the following items:

  • Zinc oxide 
  • Bismuth oxide
  • Balsam Peru 

Side Effects 

It is no secret that all of the medicine in the world can bring any side effects and impact. Mainly for those who experience allergy on something. That is why it is important to read the effect first before decide to use any medicine. Including if you plan to consume Preparation H and or Anusol. For your information, Preparation H mentions in their official page that the medicine can cause below effects:

  • It can be quite dangerous for those who have heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes. It also not recommended for those with difficulty in urination due to enlargement of the prostate gland.
  • Beware for those that presently taking a prescription drug for the high blood pressure or depression ill.

While Anusol also mentions that consuming this medicine might impact you several things including:

  • Patients experience any rectal bleeding or blood in the stool shall communicate with the preferred medical practitioner before using this product. Since these conditions can lead to a symptom of a more serious underlying disorder.
  • This product should not be used during pregnancy and lactation unless the potential benefit of treatment to the mother outweighs the possible risk to the developing fetus or nursing infant.


One of the considerations in selecting medicine besides its benefit and advantage is the price. Most people will prefer a cheaper option than an expensive one. Including when they consider Preparation H VS Anusol. At the moment, many drug stores selling Preparation H at a price of $25 for two tubes of 51gr cream. 

While Anusol is selling at a price of $11 for a 43gr cream. It is not quite a surprise if both products have a small price difference. Compare to each tube, they only have a difference up to $1. Therefore, a patient doesn’t really need to make a wise choice. They just need to aware in terms of side effects, recovery time, and the effectivity of this cream medicine.

Preparation H vs Anusol

- Proprietary hemorrhoid cream blend with vitamin E, panthenol and soothing aloe.
- Provides rapid hemorrhoid relief from pain, burning, itching and discomfort.
- Preparation H cream rapidly relieves external hemorrhoid symptoms.
- Hemorrhoid treatment formula shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissue.
- Extra Pain Relief with Anesthetic
- ANUSOL PLUS Hemorrhoidal Suppositories 24 count
- Fast, Long-lasting Relief, Helps Reduce Swelling
- Doctor & Pharmacist Recommended


The paragraphs above have been quietly clear that both brands, Preparation H VS Anusol are a good choice and selection to manage with hemorrhoids. However, the above writing also explains that they both have different ingredients and side effects. Therefore, it shall come back to each person’s needs and preferences when it comes to the end selection. If you wish for better and faster relief, Preparation H with four active ingredients might be a good selection. But beware of the side effects for those who have heart or blood tension problems. While Anusol might only contain one active ingredient and bring you longer days to recover. But it has minimum side effects than Preparation H.

In the end, the suggestion from a professional medical practitioner is the best recommendation for your needs. As each person might have a certain health condition that manages to lead them using the appropriate products. Hence, the side effects can be avoided or at least minimized.

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