Merkur 34C Vs Muhle R89

Are you considering about getting a good and reliable double-edged razor as a solution for your facial hair? While there are indeed many modern cartridge razor models available on the market nowadays, for some people, what you need is a truly powerful double-edged razor. DE razor is simple and straightforward to use, yet it gives the best cut, suitable for all hair types, even the harshest and most stubborn ones. Now, there are two DE razor models popular on the market: Merkur 34C and Muhle R89. Which one should you choose?

Of course, all double-edged razors come with pretty much the same simple basic design. However, there are subtle details that distinguish good DE razors from bad DE razors. A good DE razor should have a decent weight to allow the best cutting performance on your skin, and should also have the right angle to adapt to the curves of your face. Ideally, it should also have a good gripping area and should be durable. With such perspective in mind, we will now compare the materials of these two razors. Merkur 34C is constructed of stainless steel and is reinforced with chrome plating. As the effect, Merkur 34C is immune to rust and corrosion for years. The handle is short and thick, with a textured surface to promote a solid and precise handling. A short and thick handle is ideal for small hands. On the other hand, Muhle R89 also comes with a stainless steel body and the chrome plating, but the textured handle is rather longer and slightly slimmer. People with bigger hands will especially benefit from the extra length.

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The heavier the razor, the more aggressive the cutting will be. Coarse and thick facial hair can be handled easily with an aggressive razor, but a razor that is too aggressive to your skin may cause irritation. In general, both Merkur 34C and Muhle R89 are pretty aggressive. However, Merkur 34C is a little bit heavier and more aggressive than Muhle R89. Merkur 34C has its center of gravity more towards the middle of the razor, whereas Muhle R89 has most of the weight on the head. For fine and not-so-thick facial hair, Muhle R89 is an excellent choice. Merkur 34C, on the other hand, is great for thicker and coarser hair.

Merkur 34C Vs Muhle R89

NameMerkur 34CMuhle R89
Key Features– Extra thick handle – Reliable grip – Made in Germany – Allows for a close, comfortable shave– MUHLE R89 Twist – Weight: 2.9 oz. – 82.5 g – Length: 4 1/4 inches – Handle Diameter: 9/16 inches – Easy to use 2 piece design
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Both Merkur 34C and Muhle R89 are great razors. For facial hair that is not too coarse, Muhle R89 will give the best performance. However, if you need something a little bit more aggressive for coarser hair, then Merkur 34C is the way to go.

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