Iluminage Touch Vs Me My Elos

Iluminage Touch and Me My Elos are both permanent hair removal systems, or permanent hair reduction systems, whatever you call it. Iluminage Touch and Me My Elos are available on the market at the same price range. Not exactly among the most affordable of things, yet, if you plan for a long-term usage, these devices can actually be cost-efficient options, compared to spending money on a lot of waxing and shaving sessions. Well, you only need one device and not two, so, between these two models, you are wondering which one that you should get, aren’t you?

Well, in order to determine which model that you should choose, we should understand first what are the similarities between the two products, and especially the differences. Both Iluminage Touch and Me My Elos are “all-in-one” devices, in a sense that you can use them not only for the treatment, but also for the preparation. Yes, you can use both Iluminage Touch and Me My Elos to shave or epilate your desired skin area. However, Iluminage Touch comes along with the epilator accessory, as well as the precision adaptor for focusing the treatment on a specific area better. Me my Elos can be used with shaver or epilator, but unfortunately these accessories are not included!

Both products are suitable for all skin types and colors, as well as for most parts of the body. Underline the word ‘most’ and notice that it is different in meaning from ‘all’. You can use Iluminage Touch for arms, armpits, legs, etc. But, be careful not to use such device carelessly on your face. The electromagnetic waves being used can be dangerous to your eyes. Me My Elos, on the other hand, comes with special goggles that you can equip, so that you can use Me My Elos on your face safely.

Iluminage Touch Vs Me My Elos

NameIluminage TouchMe My Elos
Key Features– The first and only at-home permanent hair reduction technology clinically proven for all skin tones and the widest range of hair colors. Results in minutes. – Clinically tested. Proven, lasting results for permanent hair reduction.– NEWEST Model – 126,000 pulses cartridge inside – fits all skin types and colours – removes hair from ALL body parts including face
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Iluminage Touch and Me My Elos can be very similar, but, for the fullest value for your money, you should consider whether you need the epilator accessory or the special goggles. If you indeed plan to treat your face, Me My Elos is a good way to go. Otherwise, Iluminage Touch is best, as the included epilator accessory will be very handy at times.

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