Derma Wand Vs FaceMaster

Having a smooth, tight, and clean skin is the dream of any woman of any age. As the age increases, along with other contributing factors such as stress and bad sleep cycles, this becomes increasingly difficult to obtain. Fortunately, however, we now have many facial treatment and toning systems available on the market. These products claim to be able to rejuvenate and keep the skin stay healthy. Two of them that are currently very popular are Derma Wand and FaceMaster. So, what are the differences between Derma Wand and FaceMaster? Which is the one that you should choose?

Derma Wand
Derma Wand is a compressed version of the technology that has been implemented in advanced machines used by skin care experts. Derma Wand makes use of radio frequencies that are sent in a micro-current to stimulate the skin. It delivers a gentle stream of up to 168,000 pulses per second, which very act imitates hundreds of tiny fingers massaging your skin. The massage is beneficial to improve the tightness of the skin, removing wrinkles and fine lines in effect. The massage also helps to improve the blood circulation underneath, thus bringing more oxygen and important nutrients to your skin. By providing enriched oxygen and nutrients to the skin, Derma Wand cleanses, purifies, and breathes a new life to the skin’s surface. In addition, the gentle micro-current also provides a thermal effect on the skin to make the surface tighter and more toned.

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On the other hand, we have FaceMaster, which makes use of a different technology but pretty much works by the same mechanism. FaceMaster, instead of using radio frequencies, delivers low pulses of electricity to create microcurrents. As the effect, the muscles are contracted and tightened. This effect then causes the skin to have reduced wrinkles and sagging. The final effect can be seen immediately and last for a long time. Such treatment is excellent for toning the skin and muscles as we age. No need to worry because FaceMaster has been cleared by the FDA, safe for use at home. Additionally, FaceMaster features a computerized control panel that shows the precise time required for treating every specific area of the face. Each available setting has been programmed with the right frequency and intensity for the different areas on the face.

Derma Wand Vs FaceMaster

NameDerma WandFaceMaster
Key Features– Kit Includes: Dermawand, DVD instructional video, Instruction Booklet, and our Exclusive Pre-Face Treatment – LOOK YEARS YOUNGER. Using radio frequency technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles – Clinically proven to improve your appearance– Smoothes forehead wrinkles Improves brow line Diminishes dark circles and crow’s feet – Plumps cheeks Softens puppet lines Turns up smile muscles,Wrinkle removal, face lifting, eye care – Eye mode Eye orbit: One wand remains stationary at the outside corner of eye
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All in all, Derma Wand and FaceMaster seem to work quite similarly to each other. However, FaceMaster provides a more comfortable usage due to the neat display screen. It also offers several specific settings for every area of the face. Therefore, you can choose FaceMaster for the best convenience!

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