China Gel vs Tiger Balm

Having to deal with pain is not only uncomfortable but will also reduce our spirit and productivity for the day but it is the cost of being active and moving a lot especially if you also love exerting your body with challenging exercise. China Gel vs Tiger Balm are two great topical treatments for your daily activities pain and very effective to handle the problem quickly. If you are also eyeing these products, go see what they can offer below before shopping for one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a pain reliever
– What are China Gel and Tiger Balm
– What are the Promise of China Gel and Tiger Balm
– What China Gel and Tiger Balm are made of
– What China Gel and Tiger Balm can offer to you
– China Gel vs Tiger Balm

Pain Reliever
Pain is one of the most common problem we have to face from day to day depend on how frequent we move or exert our body and being active because it is a cost of those activities whether the issue is due to some light accident or just from our body dealing with the much work to do. To handle pain such as muscle tiredness, arthritis, bruise and similar problems, we can ask for a prescription or reach for over the counter medicine.

NSAID is the one we used for a more chronic or hard to manage pain but there are other similar options as well which is seen as a safer solution to handle pain based on natural products or ingredients derived from plant or minerals. Pain management can be oral or topical and both of them are equally effective but it is still depend on the user about which option they want to use since not all of us have the same preference and similar experience.

For those who are not very fond of taking an oral medicine whether it is natural based on not and just have a hard time swallowing pills or tablets, a topical solution is a great alternative because they are working well on helping people dealing with various body pain and can be purchased easily without prescription. In addition, they work faster or almost instantly after we apply the solution in an area for a quick relief but will need reapplying throughout the day for longer comforting effect.

When a pain reliever is taken orally, the medicine will block or inhibit the effect of chemicals or enzymes called the cyclooxygenase enzymes which is used to help making the other chemical called prostaglandins. In the production of pain and inflammation, prostaglandin is involved and by reducing this enzyme, there will be less pain as well an inflammation. For a topical pain reliever, the effect felt is only on certain area where we apply the product instead of whole body.

After being applied, their formulation will be absorbs by your skin and doing its work to reduce pain in certain mechanism depend on the ingredients of the solution itself. The common ingredients like capsaicin and menthol are actually introducing new sensation into the skin by making it either warm or cold so our brain will get distracted by this new feeling and covering the pain we have experience earlier.

About China Gel
Both of oral and topical pain reliever are good solutions to have at home because we never know when the medicine will come in handy so having one in your first aid kit is necessary. If you are not fond of consuming medicine or looking for a solution that can be used safely for various users, the topical version will be a good option to pick. There are a lot of topical pain reliever or anti-inflammatory out there made by different ingredients.

One of the most popular brand is the China Gel which is a nice alternative if you also prefer to get a more natural ingredients based on traditional medicine and just like the name, they are inspired from the concept of Chinese medicine which is very popular all around the world due to their safety and effectivity from generation to generation. This brand is offering two types of solution form; the regular gel and crème depend on your taste and preference. Read also: China Gel vs Biofreeze here.

China Gel Promise
This popular topical pain reliever has been around for quite some time and trusted by so many users already who experience their benefit. China Gel is an herbal topical solution which is made with modern technology based on ancient formulation concept of Chinese medicine to help the user relieve muscle and joint pain as well as enhance the healing process. It is claimed to contain 7 herbal ingredients that are well-known to helpful when it comes to pain dealing. It can be used for arthritis, back pain, bursitis, muscle pain, knee pain, sunburn and many similar problems.

China Gel Ingredients
When looking for any solution, the first thing that we have to check is the ingredient list because from here we can see and guess what the solution will do to our pain and similar like many other pain relievers, it has camphor and menthol as the active ingredients with combination of various other natural herbs such as aloe vera gel, angelica extract, carbomer, DMDM hydantoin, ginseng extract, isopropyl alcohol lavender oil, polysorbate 60, triethanolamine, witch hazel and colorant.

China Gel Benefit
Camphor is often found on topical pain reliever because this natural ingredient is capable of stimulating nerve endings and introduce a warm or hot sensation into the area which is used to cover symptoms such as pain and itching. In addition, this ingredient also have antifungal property to help dealing with fungal infection and when applied near the nose, it will release a cooling sensation into the respiratory organ to make breathing easier especially when the user is suffering from cold or blocked nose.

As for the menthol, this is also having the same effect on skin when applied topically but if camphor is warming and similar to capsaicin, menthol is introducing a cooling effect without actually affecting the skin temperature. This new sensation also act as a counterirritant for pain since our brain will be distracted by the more comfortable feeling and for a moment set the pain aside until the solution is dried or lost its potency so we have to apply it several times a day for prolonged benefit.

About Tiger Balm
Since there are so many good topical pain solution out there, we may want to see what the other manufacturer has to offer because then we can compare and decide which option will be the best choice and if you are looking for a more natural-based solution, besides China Gel we also have Tiger Balm. This solution has been around since long time ago and already familiar even for our grandparents ears. This brand is one of the earliest well-known Chinese medicine based pain reliever manufacturer.

Tiger Balm is Chinese based pain reliever solution or more specifically balm in the past but today, the brand is offering more products for their customers to choose and more modern in package or form to compete with the other similar products. Since they have many variants, the one we are picking today is one of their most popular solution which is the white balm that labeled as HR or Ultra Strength depend on which version we pick.

Tiger Balm Promise
This version is claimed to contain the strongest concentration of the brand’s herbal to provide penetrating heat to the muscle. It will gives a quick, warming effect in your skin to comfort the pain away and useful when you experience joint or muscle strains, backaches, arthritis, and stiff muscles from exerting your body.

Tiger Balm Ingredients
Looking into the ingredient list, there are familiar natural herbs we see here, the same like the pair we found on China Gel. Tiger Balm main ingredients are both camphor and menthol but with a higher concentration since now both of them are 11% compared to only 3 and 5%. If you pick the HR version, this concentration will be different because the camphor is at 25% which mean it will be hotter than many other similar solutions. In addition, it can have various natural oil like eucalyptus and clove oil.

Tiger Balm Benefit
Because the main ingredient are the same, the effect and working mechanism of Tiger Balm solution will be the same as well with China Gel. The combination of camphor and menthol are introducing the warm/hot and cooling sensation at once when applied and will stimulate the nerve endings then send the signal to our brand that there is new sensation on the area. In almost instant effect, the pain will feel to be subdued and more comfortable or bearable as the product kept the area warm and cool.

Now, let’s compare China Gel with Tiger Balm. As you may already know, the prominent difference between both of these Chinese medicine based pain reliever are their ingredient concentration and form especially between gel and balm because the type of main ingredients used stay the same with camphor and menthol. In comparison, the Tiger Balm will be more prominent in introducing warm/cooling sensation to skin.

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