Cellucor Super HD Vs CLK

Even if you are regularly exercising and you also control your healthy diet, you still want more. Well, to be fair, you are not alone. There are many people who yearn for the best physical condition, and the yearning drives them to keep on a healthier lifestyle. If you want to lose more weight effectively, you can enhance your progress by consuming a weight-loss supplement. There are now many weight-loss supplements available on the market, but two of the most popular are Cellucor Super HD and Cellucor CLK. As you can see, these two products are made by the same manufacturer. So, what is the difference between Cellucor Super HD and Cellucor CLK? Which is the one that you should choose?

Cellucor Super HD
Cellucor Super HD is a diet pill that claims to be able to perform five different things at once for the consumers. It claims to be able to increase your energy, reduce your hunger and appetite, improve your mental alertness, destruct fat deposits in your body, and boost the metabolism rate. Well, these functions are indeed actually connected to each other. Cellucor Super HD is recommended to be consumed one capsule in the morning and another one in the mid-afternoon, about five to six hours after the first capsule. The secret behind the product is the intensive stimulative ingredients. Cellucor Super HD contains well-known stimulants for weight loss, such as Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea, Yohimbe Bark Extract, and Capsimax Cayenne Extract. However, due to containing stimulants, it may not be suitable for all people. Of course, the product has also stated that it is only for use by healthy adults. People that are not able to take caffeine should avoid this product. It can cause insomnia, jitteriness, anxiety, and palpitations if your body is not tolerant to caffeine. It is stackable with Alpha Amino, CLK, and COR-Performance Whey.

Cellucor CLK
On the other hand, Cellucor CLK is also a weight-loss formula, but unlike Cellucor Super HD, Cellucor CLK is stimulant-free. It does not contain stimulative ingredients. So, it is much gentler to the body. The Conjugated Linoleic Acid helps the body to use food as fuel, at the same time supporting the development of lean muscles. The L-Carnitine Tartrate and raspberry extract help in transforming fatty acids into energy. The Slimpro Protein Hydrolysates keep your satiety to control your appetite. Due to the stimulant-free formula, Cellucor CLK may not be as powerful or as fast as Cellucor Super HD. It also lacks the additional benefits of improved focus and energy levels. However, on the good side, it is free of the potential side effects, too. Also, due to the gentle formula, Cellucor CLK is stackable with many other supplements, including Cellucor Super HD. Cellucor CLK comes in the form of raspberry-flavor softgels, three to be taken in the morning and another three in the afternoon.

Cellucor Super HD Vs CLK

NameCellucor Super HDCellucor CLK
Key Features– Powerful Nootropics – High-Powered Energy – Helps Promote Fat Loss – Helps Increase Fat Metabolism – Helps Promote Better Appetite Control; G4 Chrome Series– CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) helps your body use food for fuel while also supporting lean muscle development
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If you are able to tolerate the caffeine dose, then Cellucor Super HD is a good choice for weight-loss. However, if you want to avoid the potential side effects, then you should choose Cellucor CLK instead.

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