Carmex Vs Abreva

I believe that you are looking for the solution that provides the quickest relief from the itching and soreness on your lip. Cold sores are indeed infuriatingly disturbing. The pain, the annoying look, everybody wants to get rid of them just as soon as possible! The problem is, there are a bunch of products that all claim to be effective in treating cold sores. On this article, we are going to compare Carmex versus Abreva, in case that you are currently wondering about the two products. Read also : Abreva Vs Blistex.

Carmex has been known to the folks all around the world since a long time ago. The lip balm product is excellent for various lip conditions, and some people said that Carmex works wonders for cold sores as well. What is more, Carmex is way cheaper than the recently trending product, Abreva. If we observe its ingredients list, Carmex features various natural substances and some chemicals that are indeed beneficial to promote the lip’s health and address various issues, including Benzocaine, a local anesthetic that is commonly used to relieve pain from cold sores.

Abreva is somewhat a new comer compared to Carmex. However, it has gained a lot of attention, even gaining the approval from FDA to be a non-prescription over-the-counter cold sore treatment. Abreva is not only able to relieve the pain, but also to shorten the duration of the outbreak. This is because Abreva is using Docosanol as its primary active ingredient. Docosanol is known to be able to block the spread of the Herpes virus from infecting other cells. Therefore, the outbreak can be minimalized and isolated in a specific area.

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