Body Fortress Super NOS Blast Review : The Energy Pump!

Super NOS Blast is an energy pump product made by Body Fortress. It is mainly functioning to give enhanced strength to the consumer for a while, perfect for taking exercises and going to the gym so that you can achieve the most out of your time, and finally promote increased muscle mass and also decreased fat amount as the result. The product works by intensifying the blood flow inside the human body, hence increasing the oxygen and nutrients intake for the muscles in order to generate more power.

Body Fortress Super NOS Blast Review
The product, unlike some other energy pumps, does not cause disturbing side effects like caffeine rush for the rest of your day neither any muscle dysfunction. The muscle pump effect is immediate, substantial, yet lingers fully only for the given duration, about an hour. The escalated energy that you can feel after consumption may stay up to three hours. Also, the caffeine helps in adding some mental focus and concentration so that you will not have to experience unnecessary excessive exhaustion after action. This supplement is simply perfect for busy people who need to work out in their short free time.

Although Body Fortress Super NOS is very effective, stern, with minimum side effects, it is kind of unfortunate that its taste is not exactly friendly. Well, no, the product is not horrendous, and it comes with some fruit punch flavor, but it still feels a little strange on the tongue. The best way to eat it is to gulp it all quickly (but who wants to savor a supplement overlong anyway).rate during training
– Intensify concentration and focus
– Does not contain aspartame nor gluten
– Very minimum side effects

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