Blue Emu vs Deep Blue

We don’t have to go to the doctor for every problem because we can reach for an over the counter solution or made our own remedies if possible. As for uncomfortable pain, we may want to apply some solution on the certain area with reliable pain reliever cream such as Blue Emu vs Deep Blue. They are effective and made from beneficial ingredient but are also different so check them below to see what they can offer then we can pick which product suit us better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a pain relieving solution
– What are Blue Emu and Deep Blue
– What are the Promise of Blue Emu and Deep Blue
– What Blue Emu and Deep Blue are made of
– What Blue Emu and Deep Blue can offer to you
– How to Apply Blue Emu and Deep Blue
– Blue Emu vs Deep Blue

Pain Relieving Solution
Being active means a tired body and even ache here and there but it should not pull us back because moving is good for our body and while some of us doing it not for exercise but for other necessary purpose like cleaning and moving furniture, the tiredness effect stays the same. Tiredness can be dealt with a good night sleep and proper nutrition intake but the pain or ache usually leave longer and can be very uncomfortable, moreover, if we still have much to do.

Pain is one of the most uncomfortable feeling we experience on daily life due to various reasons from exerting our body too much to light injuries. Since it can reduce our productivity, a lot of us want to find the perfect solution to ease them and if possible to numb the sensation so we can be more active. We can ask for prescription for unbearable pain due to some serious illness or injury but for muscle pain or light injury, we can count on the medicine available over the counter.

The common pain reliever available can be the oral or topical type so we can pick which form we need or want the most since not all of us are fond of applying cream or solution as well as taking something in. In general, topical pain reliever is seen as a safer option because they are not going in our body and only penetrate through the skin which is not as worrying when we have to take some pill or tablets.

Due to the huge popularity and demand from user, there are so many type of topical pain reliever and depend on each individual, they may found one or several of them that works better than the rest. One of the most popular topical pain reliever is counter-irritants and just like the name, this type of solution is not actually fixing the initial issue but easing the pain by distracting our brain from the pain so usually they will have a hot or burning sensation and cooling effect depend on the ingredient.

If you want the one that actually deal with the pain and working like an aspirin to your muscle or joint, solution with salicylate is a good option to go because it is capable of blocking the nerve transmission, reducing pain and inflammation. At the other hand, for those who prefer to go natural, homeopathic solution is also working and they are also safer due to be made from plant or animal-derived ingredient.

About Blue Emu
Due to this wide options, many of us will probably confused when it is time to look for the one that will work on easing our pain. The tricky part is not all those that works for other people will have the same result for us and this is why we have to try them to know whether they are working or not. To make sure we are getting a good quality product, however, we can always rely on well-known names. Read also: Blue Emu vs Emuaid here.

Among those many pain reliever solution brands, Blue Emu is one of the most popular and widely used because it is based from natural ingredient and seen as a safer option especially for those who choose homeopathy or worry about the more common joint and muscle pain cream. This company is manufacturing emu oil based pain reliever and the one we are picking today is the original version because they also have the stronger version to make sure the pain goes away quickly.

Blue Emu Promise
This cream solution is promising the same thing as many other similar pain reliever cream which is used to soothes tired muscle as well as joints but can be used to help you handling bruise or mild pain due to some light injury. It is also claimed to be not drying so we can apply them in dry skin when the winter hits due to its moisturizing formulation and since it is only topical solution, the cream is safe to be used daily.

Blue Emu Ingredient and Benefit
Just like the name, Blue Emu is made with emu oil and is the star of the solution itself because the ingredient is popular as topical treatment for many light issues. Taken from Medicalnewstoday, this oil is derived from emu bird and is actually the fat that accumulated below their skin. When not processed yet, this oil is bright yellow and need various process level before used as topical treatment depend on the manufacturer.

When talking about emu oil, the most popular benefit we often heard is the anti-inflammatory properties because the oils is indeed useful to deal with inflammation and in addition, it also contains antioxidant which is probably why the native Australian is already consuming them orally since more than 40.000 years ago. Due to these properties, emu oil can be used to treat ear inflammation, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and arthritis. Another popular benefit of the oil is it can be absorbed effectively by our skin.

What’s amazing is it seems the oil can pass this absorbable trait to the other compounds when they are mixed together which is why manufacturers often blend their formulation with the oil to deliver the benefit more effectively. In addition, emu oil has a painkilling effect, antioxidant levels and ability to penetrate skin thus, it will help easing minor pain, healing wounds, cuts, bruiser or eve burns.

Applying Blue Emu
When purchasing anything whether it is something that taken orally or topically, we still have to pay attention to the recommendation or direction because it is necessary to deliver the best benefit and as for the original cream from Blue Emu, this one is used three times a day and needs to be re apply after several hours while application method stays the same with any similar solution by taking and layer some on the affected skin, preferably after cleaned.

About Deep Blue
Because there are so many good options out there, when looking for anything we may want to also compare them with the other choice so we can see which more promising and for pain relieving cream, we also like the one from Doterra called Deep Blue rub. This healing cream is very popular as well and we are sure many of you already used or hear the name before. Unlike Blue Emu with its emu oil, this one is boasting its mix of essential oils.

Deep Blue Promise
This pain reliever solution is a good option for people who prefer natural solution and loves essential oils to begin with because the brand itself is popular in the market as one of the best essential oil brand so it is not surprising to see they use their essential oils as well on the product. It is promising a comforting sensation of both cooling and warmth on targeted area as well as will leave your skin soft without the greasy effect.

Deep Blue Ingredient and Benefit
True to their claim, there are a lot of essential oil mixed here inside Deep Blue rub but let’s see few of them only and the first we pick peppermint oil. This oil is very popular on similar ointment because it introduce a new sensation to the skin which is cooling effect like a counter-irritant so our brain is not focusing on the pain anymore. The next is wintergreen oil and the reason why we see it here is because it contains methyl salicylate which is the active ingredient in aspirin.

Its main purpose is to ease pain and when combined with the anti-inflammatory properties, the rub should handle muscle or joint pain when applied topically. Another beneficial ingredient here is camphor with its antispasmodic property that also work as anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and provide sedative effects to relieve your pain.

Applying Deep Blue
As for direction, there is no special requirement when using Deep Blue rub because we can apply it like when using any similar cream by applying some and massage to improve absorption as well as relaxing the muscle. If you need a more intense performance, they also recommend to apply the soothing blend from the same product line before applying this rub.

Now, let’s compare Blue Emu with Deep Blue by Doterra. As you may already know, the prominent difference between both of these pain reliever is on their ingredients which is affecting how the solution feels on skin because Deep Blue is using many essential oils that gives another sensation to skin, it feels cool and warmth when applied while Blue Emu is not.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because the one that works for other people not always going to have the same effect for you so it is best to use your own judgment but between the two we like Blue Emu better because we don’t really fond of cream that gives cool or warming sensation yet still work in easing the pain.

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