Aquaphor vs Vaseline

Skin is the outer barrier of our body and they are prone to many problems that makes the appearance rougher or some infections that not only affect our comfort but also appearance. For those with dry skin or want to treat their skin better when the winter hit, using skin healing ointment like Aquaphor vs Vaseline can be a good option to go. If you are currently considering the two, go check our article below to see what they can offer to you and how they differ.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What Causing Dry Skin
– What are Aquaphor and Vaseline
– What Aquaphor and Vaseline are made of
– What Aquaphor and Vaseline are used for
– Aquaphor vs Vaseline

Dry Skin
Almost all people have experienced dry skin in their life since this condition is very common no matter if you are living in a place where the winter can get quite harsh or living in a tropical country where sunny days is more prominent. Besides being also affected by the weather or how the condition in your area, skin can be also affected by our body. While they are not harmful, having a dry skin is uncomfortable and most of us probably instantly grab a moisturizer when spotting a dry area.

Even though they are quite easy to feel and distinguish from the rest of healthy, moisten skin, dry skin can be distinguished by scaling, itching and cracking that mostly occurs on elbow or heels as well as lips. There is a belief that people with oily skin won’t develop the problem in their life but this is wrong since even those with a very oily skin still can get dry skin from time to time. But, since they are not a serious problem, some of us may also neglect them.

Besides being affected by dry weather condition in your living place or hot water, a certain chemicals can cause your skin to dry as well and some dry skin may also be affected by underlying medical conditions. For those with a severe dry skin, this condition is not called dry skin anymore but instead called as Dermatitis. Taken from Healthline, there are several types of dermatitis; contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis.

If you are not fond of using medication both over the counter or topical cream from your doctor, changing your lifestyle may help with the condition as well. The first thing you may want to avoid is showering with hot water since it can cause a dry skin and make sure to use a moisturizing soap when bathing to protect the moisture in your skin. Avoid itching or scrubbing the dry part may also help and drinking plenty of water daily.

For occasional dry skin, we can deal them with a lifestyle changing and over the counter treatment but if you are experiencing a severe dry skin, make an appointment with your doctor and ask a prescribed medication since they may need a more serious treatment.

About Aquaphor
With the huge option in the market, we can choose dry skin treatment from so many manufacturers out there that mostly using the same if not similar formulation and when talking about dry skin, most of us will instantly thinking about Aquaphor. This brand is one of the most popular treatment available and is already available since quite some time ago while was originally created as a delivery method for skin medications.

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