Wheat allergy vs Gluten allergy

Health disorder looks undeniable. It may appear anytime. But disease can be caused by many things. Some of them cause by bacteria and virus. In the other case, the cause is coming from problem of gene. Allergy is one example. But this is just experienced by some people. Sometimes it looks not too dangerous. The problem looks simple. Even sometimes it looks unique.

Wheat allergy vs Gluten allergy

Wheat allergy is an example. People with this allergy cannot consume any food that contains wheat. This allergy is more common in children. At first, wheat allergy looks similar with celiac disease. But there is something different about it. The only way to treat this allergy is by avoiding wheat. But medication is also needed to manage the allergic reaction.

Gluten allergy also looks similar with celiac disease. The symptoms of this allergy are including bloating, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, bone or join pain and muscular disturbances. Like wheat allergy, the best way to treat gluten allergy is by avoiding gluten. In this allergy, barley or rye is the most risky ingredients. For this, people with gluten allergy must avoid them.

At first, wheat allergy and gluten allergy looks similar. Even both of them are also look similar with celiac disease. But there is something difference between wheat allergy and gluten allergy. In wheat allergy, any product that contains wheat has the same risk. But gluten allergy is more specific in gluten. Wheat allergy vs Gluten allergy looks really different. The food that safe for wheat allergy patient is not always safe for people with gluten allergy too. The other difference can be identified from the symptoms too.

Wheat allergy vs Gluten allergy

NameWheat allergyGluten allergy
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When people indicate allergy with the wheat products, they cannot diagnose it as wheat allergy just like that. The best way to find the right diagnose is by checking it to the doctor. Maybe wheat allergy or gluten allergy looks not too dangerous. But in the rare case, it can be so dangerous. Even it can affect to the other health disorder.

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