Water Kefir Health Benefits

Have you ever heard about the magic of water kefir benefits for human body? If yes, perhaps you need to find out the information of Water Kefir health benefits and try it yourself. On this post, you” get all information about water kefir, how to make it and where to buy.

Water Kefir Health Benefits

Water kefir have a lot of similarities with Kombucha. It contains good bacteria that help us keep a healthy gut. FYI, Water kefir is a lacto-fermented beverage made with water kefir grains & sugar water. The grains can be used with any kind of waters, fruits and flavors we like. It is very easy to make water kefir as our daily drink water.

Probiotics in water kefir let us to digest our food, prevent allergic responses, boost our defense systems, and overall keep our body healthy. What this means is we will get sick less frequently.

How to make Water Kefir
Water kefir grains are put into sugar water, juice, or coconut water and permitted to culture for twenty-four to 48 hrs, then your kefir grains are removed. To flavor water kefir (we do not recommend h2o kefir created using sugar water without flavor!) simply add juice or flavor extracts (e.g., vanilla flavoring) towards the water kefir. If your more fizzy water kefir is preferred, when the juice is added you are able to bottle up tightly and let it take a couple of days therefore the carbonation can take shape.

Water kefir is much more of the general probiotic beverage. Although it does contain enzymes and chemicals, it normally won’t appear to possess as strong an impact as individuals in kombucha. However, water kefir consists of more microbial strains than are located in kombucha.

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