ThermaCare vs Bengay

Pain relief patch has been used since long time ago to help people relieving some muscle soreness and keep our body to work more comfortably. In the market, we can choose from so many manufacturer that promised the same thing. Among those options, ThermaCare vs Bengay can be a great choice to go because they are proven to be helpful by many of their users. If you want to know how they differ, go check what they can offer to you as well as how they work below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why using Pain Relief Patch
– What are ThermaCare and Bengay
– How Many Variants Available from ThermaCare and Bengay
– What are the Active Ingredient in ThermaCare and Bengay
– ThermaCare vs Bengay

Pain Relief Patch
As an active person, we spent many hours working in an office or in a working site doing our everyday works and they are sure tiring which is why we need to rest better at night to gather and relief some fatigue from those activities. No matter if you are moving much or sitting all day long, we are prone of muscle fatigue and pain in several part on our body which can hinder our jobs or other activities since it will reduce our movement.

While some of them will disappear when we get an enough sleep or rest well at night, there are times when they are not going away and we still woke up with sore muscle or pain in some parts of our body. If you are also suffering from these type of pain, painkillers may do their jobs to help you handle them all day or if you are not fond of taking medicine, the best way is probably using a pain relief cream/gel or patch.

This type of solution is very popular and easy to get as an over the counter medication because they are available widely and are very affordable for many users. They are also fairly easy to use; whether you want to rub some and massage the aching spot or just patching them with hot or cold patches to help eliminate the pain so we can move better and concentrate more to whatever we are currently working on.

However, while they may look the same, different products from different manufacturer may use a different ingredients and method as well to deliver their benefit and as the user, we may want to know more about what we are putting or using in our body since they will give some specific effects whether we want them or not. As something that doesn’t need to be consumed, their side effects are usually fairly light and probably only affect your skin like irritation or rash.

About ThermaCare
Among those many brands that offer pain relief patch, we are sure most people are already familiar with ThermaCare because they are very popular and widely used. This line of brand is offering various topical pain relief in their catalogue including patch or wraps and creams that all designed to deliver a pain relief for their user. This brand itself is manufactured by Pfizer which is an American pharmaceutical corporation and they are a big company that based in New York manufacturing a wide range of products.

ThermaCare Variant
In their catalogue, ThermaCare offer various heat wraps for their customer along with a cream to relief pain and what’s special about their wraps is they are designed for each use so we can get the wrap for back pain, neck pain, joint pain, muscle pain, and menstrual pain. In short, they do pay a lot more attention into the design of their wraps to match each part we are going to place them in, so they can stick more comfortably.

The one we put in our article above is the one used for back pain and it is in L-XL size which mean, it is meant for people with bigger build since the smaller ones will have the S/M size version. The size may not matter that much in many people’s opinion but the better fit we get the better suit they will have and it means a better comfort as well so we can move well while having the patch or wrap on our body.

ThermaCare Ingredient
Since we are talking about a heat patch or wrap, the main concern when looking about the product we want is how they generate the heat and how they will deliver them to you because while they seem simple, in fact there are various heat patch in the market and as the one used in ThermaCare, it is called iron oxidation. If you feel like ever heard the word somewhere, it is because they are the same like the rusting process in things made from iron.

The same process is also happening in hand warmers that generate heat just by exposing them to air and if you wonder how they work, iron actually react with oxygen and producing heat. While in real life things made from iron are not as quick to heat and rust, in heat pack they are combined with salt, sodium thiosulfate, and water so they can react to your body faster. Heating wrap from this brand is also featured with charcoal to allow the iron powder to have a surface to react to the inside of the heat disc.

What’s more special about ThermaCare heat wrap is they are designed to provide heat for the next 8 hours after you place the wrap and took them off, so in total we will get 16 hours of heat, thanks to the heat disc and it is also claimed that they can reach a temperature around 40 degree Celsius which is just a little bit above our normal body heat. Being a long lasting will benefit the user since we can enjoy them longer until the pain actually relief.

About Bengay
Since there are so many options out there when you are looking for a pain relief patch, it is good to also consider the other options as well because we may encounter a better product or those fit you the most and available at a more affordable price. If you are looking for a patch to help your sore body to feel more relax and aid some of the pain, you may want to try Bengay pain relief patch because they are also well-known for the benefit.

If you are not familiar with this brand yet, they actually has been around for quite some time and are part of Johnson and Johnson which is one of the most popular American multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturing company. This brand is only used to market pain relief related products and they are created to help people stay active despite having a sore body. Read also: Aquaphor vs Eucerin here.

Bengay Variant
On their catalogue, we can see that Bengay mainly market pain relief gel and cream because they have 4 of them that readily used for every type of activities like those who do sports and there is only one pain relief patch. This patch is suitable for anyone who want to stay active with an ultra-strength to make sure there is enough heat to help people effectively dealing with the soreness in a part of their body.

Bengay Ingredient
Similar like many other pain relief or heating and cold patch out there, before we plan on using them, it is better to see what ingredient used on the product to make sure they fit our preference if we have and good enough to handle the pain and soreness. As for Bengay pain relief patch, this product is using menthol to deliver the heat and cooling sensation to a specific place in your body and as you may already know, menthol feels hot and cold at the same time when applied.

Menthol or mint is derived from mint extracts that often found on many pain relief products because of the shooting effect which we can experience the instance we put the product on our skin. In real life, menthol products are often used to heal or handle minor pain from arthritis, muscle strains, backaches and other similar injuries that not actually serious but pretty bothersome to have since it cause discomfort that may hinder our everyday activities.

In theory, menthol is working through Gate Control Theory which essentially blocking the pain signals from reaching your brain so when we applied them topically, somehow the pain seem to subside while we are not really doing anything to the core issues. In short, the cooling sensation help reducing the pain we feel from sore muscles or joint.

Now, let’s compare ThermaCare with Bengay. As you may already know, the difference between them is on their active ingredient and how they provide the relief. The first option is using iron oxidation method while the other is using menthol to soothe the pain or sore area. In term of affectivity, each person may feel different result but in our opinion the iron oxidation in ThermaCare is able to keep the warmth longer to provide more relief.

ThermaCare vs Bengay

- Includes 8 Advanced Back Pain Therapy (L-XL Size) & 1 Advanced Neck Pain Therapy air activated Heatwraps
- Back: Specially designed to fit your back and hip area with enhanced elasticity for a better fit and more targeted relief
- Bengay Pain Relieving Patches Ultra Strength Large Size 4 EA - Buy Packs and SAVE (Pack of 2)
- The actual product may be different than product image

All in all, both of them are a handy solution when you have sore muscles or joints but still need to do some activities. Since both are fairly affordable, we can choose based on your taste but if we are to pick, we will recommend you to get ThermaCare because this one is able to provide relief longer than Bengay.

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