T3 Featherweight vs Featherweight 2

Time is money for modern people. Modern people surely cannot do something which takes time a lot including drying their hair. people have to wait long time for drying their hair naturally so many people are thankful with the hair dryer product which makes them able to dry their hair faster. Among various hair dryer products which are offered in the market, people maybe are wondering about T3 Featherweight vs Featherweight 2.

T3 Featherweight vs Featherweight 2

People maybe will get tempted easily by the T3 Featherweight travel hair dryer which is lightweight for journey. This is actually a good product but people should compare it with the T3 featherweight 2 before making decision. The featherweight travel hair dryer surely is lightweight and can be folded so it is really perfect for them who travel a lot but it is supported with tourmaline meanwhile the featherweight 2 is supported by tourmaline softaire. The featherweight travel hair dryer is truly great support for journey because it can help people dry their hair faster.

However, people can find great difference associated with the speed and heat settings. the featherweight 2 makes people able to control the heat more because it is completed with two speeds and three heat settings meanwhile the featherweight travel hair dryer is supported with two setting options both for speed and heat. The featherweight 2 is also able to make sure about better hair result since it will help to retain moisture of the hair with the cool shot.

T3 Featherweight vs Featherweight 2

NameT3 Featherweight Journey Lightweight TravelT3 Featherweight 2
Key Features- Travel hair dryer - Tourmaline - Faster drying - 2 speed/heat settings- Tourmaline softaire - 2 speed 3 heat settings - Cool shot
Ratings3.2 out of 5.0 stars3.9 out of 5.0 stars
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The featherweight travel hair dryer surely is cheaper than the featherweight 2 with about 45 dollar difference. However, people surely will not mind to add that price difference because they can get better hair drying result which will avoid the dryness of hair. If people want to fast hair drying with less damage, the T3 featherweight 2 surely will be perfect option.


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