Soy Milk Vs Skim Milk

Skim milk is just cow’s milk which has fat removed. Soy milk is a product of cooking, grinding and refines soybeans to make a milk-like product. The two products may vary in appearance, flavor and nutritional content. See also : Soy Milk Vs Cow Milk.

Soy Milk Vs Skim Milk

Production of skim milk
When the milk arrives at the factory, all the fat is removed and what remains is skim milk. It is called fat because fat is separated from milk and is then used to make cream milk (or cream) and butter.

Production of soy milk
To make milk, soy beans are soaked in water and then ground, mixed with water and boiled. The result is a pulp which is then filtered to liquid soya milk.

Nutritional content of skim milk
Skim milk is naturally low in calories and cholesterol and is a good source of riboflavin and vitamin B12. Contain no saturated fat and high in protein and calcium.

Nutritional content of soy milk
Unlike whole or skimmed milk, soy milk does not naturally contain vitamin D and calcium. Manufacturers should fortify the drink with vitamin and mineral. Depending on the brand, soy milk may contain some saturated fat.

Soy Milk Vs Skim Milk related products :

Vegan considerations
Because no part of the soy milk comes from an animal, is a good supplement to a vegan diet as a replacement for milk; provides calcium and protein.

Considerations to lactose
Soy milk is also beneficial as a substitute for milk for those suffering from lactose intolerance; It is easily digested and contains no lactose.

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