Sciatica Home Treatment

Some of you have known that sciatica is a kind of back problem which can happen to anyone. The symptoms are varied from the pain, tingling sensation, burning feeling, and those condition can happen to you in severe way. Of course, the location where those sensations happen is around the lower back area. However, it is also possible for you to feel the sensations to the lower area of your body even your toes.

Sciatica Home Treatment

Sciatica Is Annoying
Dealing with back problem like sciatica is totally annoying because you barely have any ability to cope with the matters of your life (due to the pain) and it is also hard to explain what you feel to the doctor so you can be treated properly. And to wait for the doctor in the waiting room is totally an agony for you. Yet, it’s not all. Whenever you have met with your doctor, what you get is just a prescription for pain killer medication. What a waste!

To be honest, it’s not really that effective to do the things stated before in order to cope with your sciatica. It’s better for you to have sciatica home treatment. In addition to the fact that the treatment can effectively let you be free from the pain, it can also be done quickly. Whenever you feel the pain, you can start applying the home treatment and voila, you can kiss goodbye to your suffering. So, what can be done with the sciatica home treatment? Check out the explanation below.

Some Possible Methods to Treat Sciatica
First, you need to make sure you have stocked some calcium supplements at home. Do the same with the magnesium. Taking such supplements can really give better condition to your sciatica especially when you are feeling the pain.

Second, believe it or not, drinking a lot of water can really help you overcome the pain. Drink more than you usually do whenever the pain comes. You’ll find the pain is reducing and sometimes, it can be gone at all. What’s the harm in drinking more water? Perhaps, you might only pee more but what’s the big deal with it? So, this method is highly recommended.

Third, if it is possible, you can apply some gentle massages to the lower back area. If you have someone around you, you can ask for some help to do the massages. However, if you are alone, you can do it on your own and you can measure the pressure of the massages properly. Thus, you can make the back comfortable without feeling the pain.

Fourth, use some ice packs. The purpose is to give more comfort to the pain that happens in the back. If the ice packs do not work, try the heat packs. Yes, for some people to heat the back works better than to cool it down. Thus, you can try both and see which one is better for you.

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