Revivogen Vs Revivogen Pro

Revivogen is quite a popular product that people use to cleanse their hair free from various pollutants, such as dirt, sebum, and DHT. It is a bio-cleansing shampoo that aims to improve the health of the hair. It is also enriched with a thickening formula to volumize your hair. However, there are actually two different versions of the Revivogen shampoo, which are the regular Revivogen and Revivogen Pro. So, what is the difference between Revivogen and Revivogen Pro? Is the “Pro” version really better than the regular version? Which is the most suitable product for you?

Revivogen Vs Revivogen Pro

One Additional Ingredient
If we look closely at the labels on these two shampoo products, we can find two differences. The first is that the regular Revivogen uses glycol distearate, whereas Revivogen Pro uses glycol stearate. Both substances have effects as emulsifiers to the other contained ingredients and also as skin-conditioning agents. However, glycol disterate tends to have more viscosity than glycol stearate, thus the regular Revivogen may have a slightly thicker texture than that of Revivogen Pro. When applied to the hair, a shampoo that is not very thick can be distributed more easily across the hair. But the difference caused by glycol distearate and glycol stearate is not very significant.

The second difference is that Revivogen Pro is coming with an additional active ingredient which the regular Revivogen lacks. That is the dimethicone. Dimethicone, also known as polymethyl-siloxane, is a silicon-based polymer that is used as a lubricant as well as a skin conditioning agent. The regular Revivogen is not enriched with dimethicone.

Because of the slightly ingredients, these two products may have different effects. For sure, both products are effective to cleanse the hair. They can remove the accumulated dust and sebum from inside your hair follicles. They also help to remove DHT. However, if you have a particular scalp condition or you have sensitive skin, you may need to use Revivogen Pro instead of the regular version. This is because Revivogen Pro has the dimethicone content. It makes the formula gentler and softer. It also helps to reduce scalp irritation. But, if your scalp is strong and healthy, the regular version can do the work already.

Revivogen Vs Revivogen Pro

NameRevivogenRevivogen Pro
Key Features- Bio-cleansing shampoo - Thickening formula - Volumizes hair - Cleanses dirt & sebum from follicles - Reduces DHT on the scalp- Sulfate free, safe for color/chemically treated hair - Gently cleanses the scalp to remove sebum and impurities - Reduces scalp irritation - Sulfate free, safe for color/chemically treated hair
Ratings*3.8 out of 5.0 stars5.0 out of 5.0 stars

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The only significant difference between Revivogen and Revivogen Pro is that the Pro version comes with dimethicone. If you need a gentler and softer formula that reduces scalp irritation, Revivogen Pro is the way to go. Otherwise, the regular Revivogen is sufficient.

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