Qunol Vs Coq10

With the busy and very active modern lifestyle, supporting your body with the right nutrients and supplements becomes a vital thing to do. You need to make sure that your body is always healthy and fit to keep up with the daily demands. One of the health supplements that is quite popular on the market and is also very important to the body is Coq10. Coq10, which is also known as Coenzyme Q10, plays a crucial role in the production of the body’s cellular energy. Quite recently, there is Qunol, a Coq10 supplement that claims to be much better than other Coq10 supplements on the market. So, how is Qunol different from regular Coq10?


Coq10 alias Coenzyme Q10 is actually a naturally occurring nutrient found in all of the cells of the body. Coq10 is extremely important to the body because it functions as an extremely potent antioxidant agent. It prevents the damage that can be caused by molecules of harmful free radicals. Unfortunately, Coq10 can be diminished by fatigue, stress, and aging. The statin medication that aims to lower the rate of the body’s cholesterol production can also lower the body’s natural levels of Coq10. By supporting yourself with Coq10 supplements, you can maintain a healthy heart and blood pressure. However, most Coq10 supplements are synthesized from tobacco leaves. These Coq10 supplements are difficult to dissolve, both in water and in fat. As the effect, it can be difficult to be digested and absorbed by the body optimally.

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Qunol is different to other Coq10 supplements because it has been sophisticatedly crafted to maximize the human body’s acceptance to the nutrient. In fact, it confidently claims itself as the number one cardiologist-recommended Coq10 supplement. This is because Qunol comes with natural Coq10 that is acquired from a fermentation process. As the effect, it can dissolve in both water and fat much more easily. This property allows Qunol to be digested and absorbed three times more effectively by the body. Qunol has been enhanced even further with Vitamin E, which is also a powerful antioxidant and able to help to maintain the health of the skin as well as the immune system.

Qunol Vs Coq10

Key Features- The gold standard in COQ10: supports heart and vascular health; promotes healthy blood pressure levels; essential for energy production; beneficial to statin drug users; powerful all-natural antioxidant. Pharmaceutical grade Clinical strength 3 times better absorption 4 month supply - What makes Qunol Ultra CoQ10 unique compared to other CoQ10 Supplements? 100% Natural 100% Soluble Dissolves in both Water and Fats - Qunol Ultra CoQ10 for Heart Health. Also contains Vit E.- NATURAL ENERGY SUPPORT; naturally supports the body's energy production for increased energy and exercise tolerance. Best supplement to give you an extra daily edge! - 120 SERVINGS PER BOTTLE; 120 capsules in every bottle providing a four month supply. Ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle and need supplement to give them an extra daily edge. - ANTIOXIDANT BOOST; delivers a boost of antioxidants which can benefit cardiovascular health
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Qunol is actually also a Coq10 supplement; but, unlike the other products, Qunol comes with natural Coq10 that can be absorbed by the body more effectively. It is also enriched with Vitamin E. Therefore, Qunol indeed makes a very good choice to keep your body fit and healthy!

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