Prune juice to Cleanse the Colon

We have heard enough about colon lately, specifically its ability for cleaning. And one of the most common beliefs is that a particular juice can do wonders for getting rid of body waste. Yes, we are talking of prune juice. But how much do you really need to clean the colon? And is it just a wives tale?

Prune juice to Cleanse the Colon

The amount of prune juice you have to drink to cleanse the colon truth depends on a couple of key factors. The first involves the initial state of the colon. Usually a person suffering from constipation need a little more juice for a bowel movement is regular. The second factor relates to the purpose of “cleansing” (and goes well in hand with the first). If the function behind the “cleansing” is detoxifying your system, you might want to follow a certain cleaning program. Most have a set schedule, so to speak in a way, what you should eat and when. Some actually recommend avoiding fruit juices full, including plum, so it really depends on the option you choose.

If you think about cleaning your colon constipation, maybe you should consider drinking 8 ounces (30 ml) of orange juice before breakfast and another 8 ounces early afternoon, probably a little after dinner. Many people believe that the second vessel should be consumed after the first 12 hours. That depends on you. This usually relieves constipation in a couple of days. Once you have you “regularized”, you should stop taking the second glass completely and only drink 8 ounces (30 ml) of prune juice in the morning. From there, he begins to consume half and drink only 4 oz (15 ml) at breakfast.

Having said that, prolonged use of prune juice as a way to “keep your regular” is not necessarily so healthy. Due to the nature of this liquid laxative, your body can develop a dependency, meaning they begin to need to keep the evacuation of the bowels. Actually, the best approach for colon health is to eat and drink plenty of water consciousness. Simply add more fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains to introduce more fiber (both soluble and insoluble) in your diet and thus promote regularity. It’s like a kind of daily cleaning of the colon, only without the regiment. Furthermore, it is healthy for the whole body.

If you try to make a real colon cleansing, prune juice is not enough to remove toxins and wastes from the body. It takes more than that. Before deciding to make a specific cleaning, you really should consult a doctor or nutritionist. While colon cleansing may be an alternative approach to health and wellness, a medical professional will be able to guide you toward the best treatment option. At the time of dealing with a diet, it is necessary to talk to someone who has studied the body for medical or medicinal purposes. Not enough to base your choice of meals on unfounded theories and fads or people who believe in them.

Many medical professionals believe that colon cleansing is unnecessary and could cause more harm than good indeed. The reasoning behind this is that our body knows what it is doing. It’s basically a machine that, when well stocked (ie a healthy diet), operates efficiently. Meddling with the colon is just playing with our natural inner balance. We could end up creating a dependency, damaging its effectiveness; alter its relationship to other organs. Again, you should always consult a doctor before starting any kind of “cleansing”.

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